What is the diet for pancreatitis right

While problems with the pancreas, diet for pancreatitis is becoming an important complement to General therapy. Do it not from time to time – right menu becomes a way of life.

Proper nutrition in pancreatitis

General rules

The crash, which occurred in the digestive system, triggered by various factors. But most often this disorders in the diet. A low production of gastric juice hinders the breakdown of food, resulting in acute stage of the disease. With further ignoring diet disease has already become chronic.

To facilitate the duodenum the performance of their direct functions, the basis will have to take nutritional therapy in pancreatitis according to the following rules:

  • exclude fatty, fried, smoked dishes;
  • cooking uses only diet recipes;
  • introduces the principle of fractional power in small portions, every 3 hours;
  • applies only shredded food in a warm state;
  • to not eat on the move, slowly chewing food;
  • take food not drinks.

It is important to maintain energy standards in the products – an average of 350 g of carbs and 80 g fat. In parallel with pancreatitis due to improper nutrition have problems with the stomach, there is inflammation of the biliary tract, develops diabetes. This is taken into account when selecting treatment menu diet appointed on the basis of the associated problems.

Diet in the acute stage

In acute inflammation of the pancreas, the patient is transferred to a 2-day fasting. The patient is only allowed drinks from the rosehip decoction or infusion, tea and filtered water (up to 5 doses during the day). Gradually the diet Supplement low calorie diet in small doses.

Diet for pancreatitis in the phase of deterioration varied from 2 weeks. Main nutrients are:

Diet in the acute stage
  • light soups;
  • liquid porridge;
  • protein foods (in particular, steam cutlets fillet of fish or chicken);
  • fruits with a high content of antioxidants;
  • of drinking green teas, fresh juices, jelly liquid.

If not restricted by these recommendations or entirely ignore the diet, the acute form will go very fast in the chronicle. Then, the requirements for diet will be even tougher.

Diet in chronic stage

Running a disease, live with it for a few years. Here it brings to be reckoned with diets carefully selecting products in the menu:

  • daily saturate the body proteins in the amount of 130 g (2/3 – of animal origin);
  • allowed in small quantities butter – it is added to cereal;
  • milk is not recommended in pure form – it is better to cook it the recommended dishes, to make sauces;
  • useful fresh low fat yogurt;
  • recommended laxatives products – dried fruits of plums and apricots.

Food for chronic pancreatitis in the form of light and contains a variety of cheeses, steamed omelets, etc., When the aggravation of the disease on food restrictions. Two days, the patient rests only on the drinks. 3 days are given small portions of liquid food, cooked with milk diluted with water. If the pain will recede, diet pancreatitis in adults varied, but the dishes are allowed frayed, though thick in consistency.

Permitted foods

Picking up the menu with pancreatitis, initially make a list of foods allowed to eat. He looks about as shown in table 1.


Meals Recommendations
Cereals (buckwheat, semolina, oatmeal, rice) Cooked water-based, followed by the introduction of milk. Recommended semi-viscous consistency. Instead of cereal grains are sometimes used in flour, rice or buckwheat. Porridge – the perfect base for a tasty soufflé, served with jelly (but it is possible and with jam)
First Boil them solely on broths made from vegetables. The basis of dishes are allowed cereals, which are better to grind into a puree-like mass. It is recommended to add the chopped vegetables, but not to apply them. Pets dressing animal oil, or milk (sometimes cream)
Vegetable From the fruit is allowed entering into the diet of potatoes, carrots, cauliflower, green peas, zucchini, pumpkin, beets. Them first quite a good cook, then grind. Sometimes the doctor allows the chopped cucumbers and tomatoes without skin
Fruit Fresh and baked only apples sweet varieties. If you take the dried fruit, then grind them. Other fruits only suitable for jam, mousse, jelly. Raw they are undesirable
Meat Recommended chicken, veal, dishes from low-fat beef, rabbit, and only in powdered form. From stuffing make the meat souffle, steam various foods. If there is the acute stage, small pieces can be eaten boiled rabbit and chicken
Fish Select only lean the representatives of bodies of water. The fish is either boiled and eaten in small pieces, or fresh fillet form the patties (only a couple)
Dairy The basis of the diet – milk drinks with a low fat content. The milk is used only for dressings. Cottage cheese (the best option-calcined) – great storage for pies and puddings. Hard cheeses in the diet of the patient did not pick up sharp grades and is used only in the mash-shaped form. Sour cream goes for gas stations (in small quantity)
Eggs You can steam cook the omelet from the 1-St product per day
Sauces Cooking not only soups of vegetables with the addition of not roasted flour, and milk or cream
Bakery Take of wheat bread, but baking 1-2 days ago. Cookies cookies are allowed

The products described in pancreatitis will allow you to make a varied menu. If you take into account the recommendations in their preparation, can be long to avoid aggravation of the disease.

Fully or partially restricted products

The table above provides a framework for a diet for pancreatitis. There is also a list of products, partially allowed or forbidden:

  • broths based on fish, mushrooms, meat, and meals, as well as the hash;
  • all fried, and stewed which contains fats;
  • smoked meats, pickles, spicy seasonings;
  • sausage, fish ROE, canned;
  • excluded chaff, millet, barley, corn;
  • due to the high content of cholesterol derived from the diet of by-products;
  • fruit assortment raw entered with care and not permanently;
  • products and the dishes containing rough cellulose, the patient should be excluded (mushroom, beans, most root vegetables, little blue, cabbage white-headed);
  • Omelette
  • simple carbohydrates, which are found in all grapes, bananas, provoke bloating;
  • milk is not recommended with a large percentage of fat, cheese spicy-salty varieties, sour curd;
  • exclude fully cooked and especially fried eggs;
  • it is not advisable to use cooking fats and lard, and vegetable oil better to use in a small amount of filling food;
  • completely eliminate chocolate and pastry products, flour (brass and fried), all varieties of ice cream;
  • not recommended bakery fresh pastries, and completely abandon products made of rye flour;
  • taboos imposed on black tea varieties, the juice of the grape, coffee drinks, soda and alcohol.

Although the following list is called partially restricted, with the disease better to completely delete from the menu included in the list of ingredients. This will help to avoid many problems with the gastrointestinal tract.

Menu when inflammation of pancreas(power mode). Some patients complain that the menu for pancreatitis diet too. But it is easy to diversify, alternating types of cereals, introducing meat and fish dishes. If the right to distribute products to days of the week, the diet does not seem so fresh.

All authorised products are included in "pyramid power", so the menu becomes quite balanced, it is necessary for the normal functioning of the body. Restrictions (or prohibitions) that are entered, no impoverishing diet. With the withdrawal of harmful food and drinks from eating only eliminate the detrimental factors that negatively affect the patient's cancer.Table 2

Sample menu

Meal Sample meals
Breakfast Porridge is a liquid consistency, pureed

Soufflé cheese

Herbal tea

Lunch Baked Apple

A decoction of rose hips

Lunch Any of the allowed first course

Pate of lean beef

Compote of dried fruits

Afternoon tea Easy mashed vegetable
Dinner Porridge (on your own)

Souffle of fillet of fish


Before going to sleep Compote from a dogrose

As can be seen from the menu for a diet with pancreatitis, is nothing new in its drafting no. Twice are introduced in the diet side dishes best to diversify (in the morning, for example, semolina, and buckwheat in the evening). Cereal is sometimes recommended to prepare mashed potatoes.

A sample menu just show the principle of selection of dishes and variety in the preparation of the weekly diet. The main thing – to proceed from the standpoint of the basic rules of supply with the recommended diets.

Recipes of dietary dishes

Basic tips on how best to use the products that make up the diet for patients with the inflamed gland, cited above. They need to follow when cooking dishes. The following are examples of recipes for pancreatitis taking into account specific features.

Soup diet

The soup is prepared on the basis of liquid cereal, loaded with milk and putting a bit of butter. The original flavor has rice soup, cooked in milk, adding a bit of chicken puree. The following is an algorithm for cooking the original of the first dishes of vegetables:

  • shredded zucchini, carrots tinder;
  • cabbage disassemble into small florets;
  • the ingredients are placed in a large kettle, pour boiling water and put on fire;
  • cook until tender, cool down and whisk it with a blender to puree shaped consistency.
    enter to soup of milk, a little salt and boil again.
Fish cutlet

Feeding soup to the table, make a dressing of sour cream (low-fat) or put a bit of butter.

Cakes from beets

These dishes are prepared not only from meat or fish. Very tasty it turns out, if you make patties from vegetables:

  • boiled beets clean;
  • ground on a grater;
  • add a spoonful of semolina, a little salt and infuse;
  • to form patties, roll them in semolina.

The dish is made entirely by steam, and served with sour cream.


Vitamin easy dessert is cooked in this recipe:

  • finely chopped carrot stew with water for 15 minutes;
  • apples are cleaned from skin and seeds, cut and add to the carrots;
  • bringing to gentleness, the fruit is rubbed to puree shaped state;
  • topping of milk, bring to a boil;
  • gradually introduced semolina, a couple of minutes, then heated and removed;
  • chilled to 80 °C dessert enter first yolks, then whites, whipped;
  • placed in a container and extinguish.

Each of these diet recipes will be of interest to children who have problems with the pancreas.

For children

Pancreatic disease has no age limit suffer from this disease and children, although this phenomenon is found in this group rarely. All of the above suggestions regarding diet nutrition and young patients. To meals for them when pancreatitis was delicious, will have to show imagination.

Chicken souffle

The dish turns out tender and delicious if you cook it in this way:

  • boil the chicken (and Turkey);
  • separating the fillet from the bones, turn him into mincemeat;
  • make sauce of milk, adding a little flour and egg yolk;
  • mix the mince, sauce and a little butter;
  • stir introduce whites, whipped in the stable foam;
  • a lot of fill capacity, which steamed souffle.

This kind of recipe is suitable for boiled fish fillet (its in the cooking process needs a little salt).


Most children love cheese dishes:

  • cottage cheese (low-fat be sure), wipe using a sieve;
  • diluted milk in the ratio 3:1;
  • pour a spoonful of monkey and administered proteins (pre-beating);
  • mix, spread in a container for baking and kept in the oven about 10 minutes.

Picking up with pancreatitis nutritional therapy for young patients, take as a basis the menu for children 1-3 years old. It just matched with the gentle effects on the digestive tract and consistent with the rules of the diet.


Having issues with your pancreas, you need to enter in the mode of fasting days, in order to facilitate the work of the patient's body. Under severe exacerbations is recommended for pancreatitis is fasting. This allows you to remove the pain symptoms.

If you do not want in the digestion of food, the system goes into "sleep mode". All the power it spends to fix problem on and start the process of tissue regeneration.

Method of fasting and duration determined by the treating physician. In the mild form that takes no more than 3 days to starve you at home, eliminating all physical activity. Over a long period this method requires the presence of the hospital requires constant monitoring of his condition.

Reaching the desired therapeutic effect, the patient gradually returns his therapeutic diet. First, from the afternoon allowed a glass of water (definitely warm), an hour – broth (vegetable), after another hour a light soup (from cereals).

The next morning the patient who suffers from pancreatitis, returns to its usual menu, in the first day by entering the menu of food in small portions. Independently conduct fasting it can lead to the depletion of the body and provoke the development of ulcers.