How to lose weight quickly — top 10 tips!

Hello, my dear!

how to lose weight

Today I want to offer you ten proven techniques on how to lose weight quickly. And just want to "smash to smithereens" is already established and boring and all the stereotype that "if you lost weight quickly, that is long.

Better to lose weight slowly so weight will not return. Come back, my dear, you're going back!

In that case, if you're after the diet, training and everything else that brings you to a slim figure, again will return to an active lifestyle, unhealthy food and so on!

This is the ONLY reason because of which dropped so hard the pounds come back!!!

And the other reasons just yet.

How to lose weight fast — tips and recommendation

And it does not matter, you lost weight quickly or slowly. If you go back to the old way of life and power – the weight will come back. Logical? Know how Greek is translated the word "diet"? A Way Of Life!

Therefore, choosing a method of physical activity, nutrition, drinking regime and so on, you need to understand that it is – forever! This is for you – your lifestyle! So no need to choose for yourself what you feel you will not be able to stick to for a long time! Will break, will back – will only get worse...

My recommendation is simple to outrageous, but that doesn't make them less effective! Actually, all brilliant – easy! No need to look for something complicated and think that, just difficult – it will work... Simple will work too!

The main thing – to DO. And more time to DO. Here then is the result!!!

Thus, how to lose weight quickly?

1. Reduce dietary fat and completely exclude saturated fats

Specialists, nutritionists recommend to consume no more than 2-3 tablespoons per day of vegetable oil cold pressed good quality.

If there are other foods that contain fat (seeds, nuts) – then reduce the dose to 2 tablespoons.

Eliminate fast food, sausages, pates, cookies and other foods that contain hidden fats. Moreover, particularly hazardous to health – TRANS fats.

Fried – not for you. If you want to be slim, healthy and beautiful — forget. Forever.

to eliminate the sweet

2. Reduce sweet.

Do not rule out completely, but only reduce! Good news, right? The sweet taste we need for a healthy body, healthy mind!

Therefore, eat sweet, enjoy, but just let it be not a harmful sugar, but the most healthy, natural and healthy — chocolate, fruit, berries, dried fruits: dates, prunes, dried apricots. Especially easy on grapefruit.

And to cook delicious and healthy smoothies: detox, slimming, Apple, kefir,

3. Exclude all refined, processed foods.

This includes not only fast food, but all so-called "junk food". It chips, crackers, sweet drinks, all canned foods, packaged juices. As well as candy, chocolates, bars, biscuits, bread, buns, etc.

All this is not good food! All refined products contains catastrophic for our health and beauty number of chemical additives, sugar, TRANS fats and other stuff.

Learn to bake bread, rolls, cook healthy and tasty nuts with honey, natural candies and chocolate do useful. Fortunately, now is a sea of information, HOW to do it.

Or buy things in shops with organic food. Also a good option.

4. Reduce the carbohydrates.

But not useful and harmful! Which nutritionists call "empty calories". Those that the body is not completely necessary. They are not useful for the body, but only some calories.

This is all the product of white flour, all starchy foods, especially fats and sugar in the composition, pasta.

Cereals (oatmeal, buckwheat, etc.) are not affected! They are very essential for us to feel energetic!

5. Move!

Move as much as possible! Move at every opportunity! Specifically looking for every opportunity to actively move!

Do sport, do a short jog in the morning, walk extensively, don't use elevators, play outdoor games in the fresh air, go Hiking with friends... the Possibilities – the sea!

The movement is Life!

the use of spices

6. Use spices!

They have properties that help burn excess fat, as well accelerates the metabolism, enhance digestion, remove excess fluid from the body.

Super tool!

Particularly recommended: cumin, cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, red pepper (it is not "the bomb"!), mustard seeds.

7. Drinking enough clean water!

30-50 ml per kilogram of body weight – as you want-not want, but to drink during the day simply must!

It is water, not tea, coffee, compote! Not included here no juices, no reflections, no soups, no broths.

I do not want to drink? And would have to accustom! It will be difficult only the first time until the body will get used to this "innovation". But then, when he will understand what is good for him, you are going to reach for the water!

Many nutritionists among the first questions to ask the patient, ask how much water per day he uses. And note that people with excess weight and comorbidities, as a rule, drink very little pure water a day!

Water is the basis of life. Here the main secret – it is RIGHT to drink water.

A right is not earlier than half an hour BEFORE eating and not earlier than 1.5 to 2 hours AFTER a meal.

And yet – as a rule of thumb every morning, immediately after waking up drink at least 2 glasses of warm water. Ideal if there you add lemon juice!

And lean on useful teas: Oolong tea, green tea, match, and other beverages for weight loss and smoothies for weight loss

8. Plenty of fresh air!

Here is the information from wonderful, I respected doctor and certified nutritionist and just "advanced" in the healthy lifestyles of a person. From this information, I just "sat down" at the time.

With your permission, in your own words...

Many just don't know the importance of oxygen in the fat-burning process! Moreover, in addition to the liver, play an important role in the respiratory system.

Remember that fat cannot just pick up and "pump" in the muscle, it can only be put to the final metabolites, carbon dioxide and water.

In numbers:

  • to burn 10 kg of fat a person needs to inhale 29 kg of oxygen to produce 28 kilos of carbon dioxide and water.
  • From 10 kg to 8.4 kg. of fat excreted by the respiratory system through the lungs and only 1,6 kg. – urine, sweat and other liquid secretions!

Take note, friends!

useful additives

9. The supplements!

A natural vitamin complex, spirulina, Chlorella, fish oil, chlorophyll, omega-3 complexes and so on.

It's all good and all in aid for a healthy metabolism. But the one who has a good healthy metabolism in the body, that excess weight does not happen!

10. Used less salt!

Not only that, the salt harms the kidneys, heart, blood vessels, so it also holds excess fluid in the body. Minimize the use of salt in the diet. Nutritionists say that only one is guaranteed to "carry" a minimum of four kilograms!

Here are the top 10 tips on how to lose weight fast, friends! Remember – the REGULARITY and STABILITY! That's the key to success!

I wish you all Health, weight and Youth!