What methods are effective for weight loss?

Under the weight loss refers to the process by which the body weight is decreasing slowly. Weight reduction occurs as coercion (for example, when dieting) and external circumstances (the disease).


Weight loss serves several purposes:

  1. to cope with obesity;
  2. to increase the attractiveness of the person in the eyes of others.

It should be understood that the abrupt decrease of your body mass in some cases is a symptom of a certain disease.


Competently to programme aimed at slimming, it is very difficult if you do not know the basic concepts. In particular, we are talking about body mass index (BMI). It is a proportion, which is between weight and height.

There are degrees of IMT, in accordance with which the degree of obesity and other indicators. So, if the figure of the woman is over 18, she needs to gain weight. If this index is 18.5–25, talking about normal index.

Obesity is diagnosed when BMI is equal to 30-40. In such situations the person needs immediate treatment, which is combined with the reception of a certain list of drugs, moderate physical activity and diet. When BMI is above 40 diagnosed with extreme obesity. If you do not take appropriate measures, the person with this body mass index will soon die.

4 basic rules

The problem of weight loss today is indeed a pressing issue for many people. Despite the fact that modern medicine offers many techniques that allow you to lose excess weight for you, the solution to this problem is yet to be found.

Regrettably, weight loss for people who suffer from obesity, with time it becomes an obsession. Moreover, some of them occurring mental disorders, with the result that even slim girls (mainly female) see themselves as fat, so keep working to lose weight, oblivious to the fact that the index fell below the norms. As a result, this leads to the development of dystrophy.

Naturally, such a rich market could not ignore the commercial companies who offer a variety of fat burners, Supplements and other means incidentally giving a promise that taking a certain medication for a few weeks will help to lose weight. However, none of them is as effective as is stated in the advertisement. Especially in the treatment of obesity rely on a single method impossible.

You can lose weight if you follow four basic rules:

the rules of weight loss
  1. The need to lose weight gradually. The maximum allowable loss is 1 kg a week. Effective and, most importantly, good for the body, the slimming involves reducing the mass of no more than 3-4 pounds per month. It is important to make steady pace.
  2. Effective weight loss is impossible, if we adhere to the principles of the so-called extreme diets. They allow a few weeks to lose just 5-6 pounds, but first, can cause sometimes irreparable harm to the body, and secondly, not everyone can withstand such loads. And, as a result, the volume of excess fat is increasing dramatically.
  3. To lose unnecessary weight is impossible without a definitive intention. Deciding to lose weight, you need to adhere to this installation, not paying attention to the triggers. Only your confidence and your strength will help you to achieve your goal.
  4. People who suffer from excess weight before you start losing weight, you should consult a doctor.

Those who are firmly determined to remove a few extra pounds, you should pay attention to a few tips:

  1. Meals can be taken no later than three hours before bedtime. If within this period of time, hunger will increase, it can "drown out" with a Cup of yogurt.
  2. The diet should include only natural and fresh products. Semi-finished products during the diet is contraindicated.
  3. Every day should drink two liters of water.
  4. From the diet should gradually eliminate bakery products (cakes, pastries and the like), foods high in fat, TRANS fats.
  5. The more fresh fruits and vegetables in the diet, the better.
  6. Once a week should be left for the "unloading" of the body.
  7. One or two days a month, you can take for hunger. This means, at this time, the products need to replace the consumption of clean water.
  8. For the normalization of metabolism and support him in this state need to sleep 7-8 hours a day.
  9. More movements.
  10. The search for additional incentives. For example, it is possible to place in a conspicuous place the photo of a slim celebrity.
  11. The combination of food restrictions and exercise.
  12. Effective weight loss is achieved not only properly chosen diet and regular training. The diet should include foods rich in macro - and microelements.
  13. Training is necessary because in their absence, fat is lost at the expense of muscle mass. The fat remains.
  14. The program selected for dumping excess amounts of weight, must be individual. Of course, it is easier to find on the net a specific program aimed at reducing the hated pounds, and stick to it. However, the best result is achieved only if a set of exercises, diet and the like are selected strictly limits each person depending on his condition.

Program weight

the weight

The algorithm is aimed at reducing body mass, consists of the following items:

  1. Choosing the perfect weight. This preference turns an abstract goal ("to lose") to specific ("bring your figure to 60"). Knowing that in a week really to remove not more than one kilogram, you can calculate how much time it will take to achieve the desired result. And it is also recommended to use different tools that allows you to determine which weight in a particular case is optimal.
  2. Find out daily intake of calories. It will also require the assistance of a calculator or a special formula to find that in a Network a snap. Note that the minimum daily rate is 1200 kcal. Less calories to consume, as it is dangerous to health. Knowing the daily rate, you can make your diet. For this you need to count the calorie content of certain foods.
  3. Individual diet. After completing two written paragraph, you can make your own menu for the week, which includes the required amount of useful products with regard to their caloric content, fat content and other parameters.
  4. Exercise. After one week after the start of the program aimed at weight reduction, you need to start doing light exercise. Of course, no one stops workout the first day. The main condition is the regular conduct of exercises.

For more tips

In fact, there is no universal program that will allow everyone to lose weight over a period of time. Losing weight is a daily and quite hard work. And to cope with the tasks, you need to put a lot of effort.

Just to make things easier on yourself, you can use not only the advice given above, but also other recommendations:

  1. Failure from overeating. Meals should be taken strictly according to the schedule. You cannot eat the remains of food for the child, snacking and so forth.
  2. To keep a diary. This should show all products that have been eaten throughout the day. This approach will ensure a more complete control of themselves and will refuse to allow light and unwanted snacking.
  3. To increase the amount of liquid. The more water is in the stomach, the more blunted the sense of appetite.
  4. Abstinence from alcohol. Alcohol increases the desire to eat the forbidden product.
  5. Take plates of a smaller size. Through this method you can "trick" your perception. On the small diameter portion looks tiny, on the contrary, large.
  6. Daily leave in 20 minutes to exercise. By the way, instead, you can do household chores.
  7. Frequent water treatments. The positive effect of losing weight is attained when you apply a contrast shower.
  8. There is a need to slowly, chewing food thoroughly. This dish must be tasty.
  9. To avoid the stress. You can use various methods of meditation, yoga, and other relaxation techniques.
fat burning soups

Examples of diets

Consists of seven days

You need to prepare in advance, highlighting 1-2 days a week to use only certain products. This approach allows you to learn to cope whether the organism with new loads.

Day 1. Fat burning soups. Usually the first hours are the most difficult for all. That is why the diet he is given to soups. They are quite easily absorbed all by the body. Moreover, there are many different recipes that help burn fat. Therefore, to find among them a dish that will like simply.

Day 2. Fresh fruit. Fruits contain a lot of sugar. They are easy to reduce the feeling of hunger. Recommended to eat up to 5-6 3-4 apples and grapefruits.

Day 3. Yogurt. You need to drink about 1, 5 liters of the product. The drink cleanses the stomach, restores its microflora. In addition, kefir affects the person as a laxative.

Day 4. Proteins. Protein is essential for normal functioning. Without this component, all organs of the human body. To replenish protein, you can consume cooked chicken breast, fish, green tea, yogurt.

Day 5. Soups and juices. On the fifth day of the diet the body is under serious stress because of the abrupt diet change. And he needed some relief. For this approach fat burning fats and fresh juices. They are easily absorbed by the body and deficiencies of vitamins.

Day 6. Vegetables. Vegetables recommend either eaten raw or cooked. It does not matter what foods you eat. On the sixth day you must also drink plenty of fluids.

Day 7. Salads and fish. Recommend to take food that combines foods from week diet and more familiar food.

Six day

Day 1. 300-500 grams of baked or boiled fish. During cooking, if possible, to abandon the salt. Should I use herbs or mild spices. It is recommended to drink green tea and mineral non-carbonated water.

Day 2. Vegetables. The second day of a diet filled with fiber. It can be eaten raw, or do a variety of salads, tucking a small amount of sunflower oil.

chicken breast

Day 3. Chicken. You need to eat it exclusively. If possible, you should take the breast. The bird is boiled, stewed, baked using different seasonings. Need to drink mineral water without gas, and green tea.

Day 4. Cereal without milk or other additives. A desirable option would be a mixture made from oatmeal, buckwheat or rice. Drinks are the same as the previous day.

Day 5. Cheese. It is necessary to compensate for the lack of calcium in the body. You should eat at least 400-500 grams of fat to 5%.

Day 6. Fruit. Throughout the day you should eat up to one kg.

In fact, dieting there are many. Some of them are aimed at reducing total body weight, the other purpose is, for example, a reduction in the abdomen or legs.

Nutritionists also recommend periodically carry out so-called fasting days: there can be only one product. However, it is important to remember that this food can cause serious harm to the body. This is especially important if a person has identified certain diseases. So, if there are problems with the functioning of the digestive organs, it is impossible to arrange a day of fasting, is based on apples. In the presence of impaired renal function should abandon eating meat.

Regardless of what diet is like before you drastically change your diet, you must consult a nutritionist.