Diet and nutrition for gout — what can and can't eat, table foods

Food that is man's daily diet should include foods that have a large number of useful substances to the body. Healthy recipes will help us to stay healthy and attractive, despite their age. However, if the diet is not balanced or it has large amounts of fatty, spicy or heavy for the digestion of food, metabolism in humans may be disrupted, and the body starts to accumulate uric acid salt. This is especially true of men. Increased concentration of these salts leads to inflammation of the joints called gout.


A General description of the pathology and the principles of the diet

Gout is a chronic disease of joints that is accompanied by quite severe pain and other unpleasant symptoms. Naturally, you need to take her medication, as patients greatly worsens quality of life, limited mobility. To cope with pathology perhaps at home if you fulfill all the recommendations of doctors. Diet for gout the patient is required first and foremost. While doctor prescribed diet must be observed not only during acute disease but also during remission. Every day you must watch your diet. Proper diet for gout – the key to human health and guarantee a reduction of cases of acute pathology.

Gout is a disease associated with disorders of metabolic processes in the body. Therefore, a balanced diet for gout is very important for treatment. The cause of the disease lies in the increased concentration of uric acid in the body, salts which are deposited in the joints. Diet that should be done every day, decrease the amount in the blood because the kidneys are unable to cope with it yourself.


The most common symptoms of gout occur in men who have reached 40 years. In women, the pathology develops early post-menstrual period. It should be noted that gout can affect almost all joints, but most often seen on the legs.

If the diet during the symptoms of gout will not be executed periodically can happen recurrence, because to completely cure the disease fails.

Gout has an acute onset. Often the pain appears at night. The salt uric acid at first deposited in the large joints of the toes, knees, feet. Symptoms of gout usually are very much so to confuse gout with other diseases of the joints difficult. If during the treatment of gout at home do not follow a diet, the pathology can spread to all joints.

Treatment of gout

Increased concentration of uric acid is observed not only in the joint and in the ligaments, cartilage membranes, causing inflammation. Of course, one day, gout can manifest itself in full force. Pathology has the following symptoms:

  • severe pain;
  • redness of the skin in the affected area;
  • increased local temperature;
  • the appearance of swelling.

Patients men symptoms usually appear early in the morning or in the night. The acute phase can last for like one day and more than 3 days. Day the symptoms of gout are to reduce their intensity, though the pain intensified again with the onset of evening. This man can tell about the violations in the diet, which is usually developed by a doctor for gout.

There are other signs of the disease: on the hands or feet appear growths of bone tissue. Although men have appeared or gout in women, the patient must consult a doctor. This will allow an accurate diagnosis to begin appropriate treatment and to make right diet.


Diagnosis involves visual inspection of the affected gout joint, radiography, and laboratory tests of blood and urine. X-rays allows to determine the condition of joints, presence of osteophytes. Laboratory tests provide an opportunity to celebrate the increased level of uric acid in the blood. The symptoms and signs described by the patient with gout, help to assign appropriate treatment. Depending on the degree of concentration of uric acid in the patient may be prescribed medications that promote its excretion.

Principles of the diet

To get rid of diseases at home, as the hospital is not necessary. Treatment involves proper diet — a diet that gout is the main method of treatment and prevention of relapses. Sample menu diet for gout is the doctor considering the individual characteristics of the organism and accompanying diseases. It must be aimed at addressing the increased level of uric acid in the body, as well as signs of pathology. This man should reconsider your diet for each day and follow a special diet.

Foods for gout should not be composed of purines that turn into uric acid (table prohibited and permitted products will be presented below). In the list of such foods include almost all fruits and vegetables, so the food that patients with gout are basically similar with the menu for vegetarians. Recipes for gout are not difficult or complex, however, they have to be just right and all the ingredients for the diet you should take from the list in the table of permitted products.

Principles of the diet

Nutritional therapy for gout will help the patient to get quick relief from unpleasant and painful symptoms at home. However, the use of fatty or spicy food can trigger a relapse and an increased level of uric acid in the body fast enough. For example, the maximum number of purines contains coffee, the use of which may provoke an attack. This may also contribute to alcohol, particularly beer and beverages based on grapes, so from the diet they are eliminated.

Proper nutrition during acute gout or remission, you need to exercise every day. Since it is necessary to be treated at home, the patient must have the desire to get rid of the symptoms of the disease and willpower not to break the diet. Table of permitted foods for gout, as well as the recipes below will help create an individual menu taking into account all characteristics of the organism and the pathology of the patient.

Food during treatment of gout can be delicious and varied. Food, which must satisfy the requirements of the organism imposes too strict limits, however, contributes to the proper way of life.

What not to eat with gout

If the patient has joint damage in the legs, you need to know what not to eat with gout. The fact is that during dieting, certain foods (even fruits) should not be used because they contain a certain amount of purines. To cure or at least treat the symptoms without proper nutrition impossible. The following table will show you what not to eat with gout.

Table 1. Forbidden foods for gout

Food groupThe contents of the group
Bakery productsButter cakes
Meat and poultrySmoked and cooked sausages, frankfurters, sausages, meat of young animals, fatty pork, offal (lungs, liver, kidney), canned food
Seafood, fishFatty, salty, smoked or fried fish (sardines, sprats, cod), eggs
Dairy productsSalty and spicy cheeses
CerealsLentils, beans, soy, beans
VegetablesMushrooms, sorrel
Fruits, berriesGrapes, figs, raspberries
MealsMeat, fish or mushroom soup, sorrel soup, and meals with the addition of legumes and spinach, sauces on the basis of the above broths, mayonnaise
SweetsCakes with cream, cakes
FatsMargarine, lard
DrinksAny alcohol, especially beer and wine; coffee, cocoa, strong tea (despite the fact that the drinks contain purines, it is not broken down into uric acid, however, they have a strong diuretic effect, which contributes to dehydration)
Spicy seasoningsPepper, mustard, horseradish, hot spices

Those products that contains is a list that you can't eat with gout on his feet in any case. This table should always be at hand during cooking.


Until recently doctors have a doubt, can I eat tomatoes with gout. The fact that these products diet provides the diet, although they contain purines (oxalic acid). However, in tomatoes the quantity is so negligible that eating them is not only possible, but useful. Tomatoes contain large amounts of vitamins, minerals and organic acids. These products support the immune system. In addition, tomatoes contain antioxidants and volatile, which contribute to the elimination of the inflammatory process in gout.

Tomatoes gout can be eaten in any quantity. The fact that they affect the metabolism in the body. Best of all useful properties of these products are shown after heat processing and addition of vegetable oil.

Tomatoes gout is possible and necessary, they will not hurt.

Except for those products that the diet for gout on the legs is prohibited, there are still those that can be eaten in limited quantities. The following table contains a list of them:

Table 2. Foods allowed in limited quantities

Food groupThe list
VegetablesTurnip, cauliflower, radish, spinach, asparagus, rhubarb, celery, pepper, green onions and parsley
Fruits, berriesPlum
DrinksTomato juice

With caution you should use honey. As you can see, many products still undesirable in the diet, when the patient suffers from gout on the legs. However, the food can be very tasty and varied. It should be just to get used to, after all, gout is a chronic pathology which can disturb a person's life. Therefore the diet to follow strictly, because even one Cup of coffee can provoke an attack.

What can I eat with gout


Gout is not a simple disease that requires a responsible attitude and respect for the principles of proper nutrition. That is why you should know which foods you can eat, and which ones are prohibited. Preliminary table containing information about what food should not eat, and why they have a negative effect on the body. Now you need to figure out what you can eat with gout.

Table 3. Permitted foods

Product groupThe list of productsApplication features
BakeryBlack or white bread, no butter cakes
Meat and poultryRabbit, Turkey, chickenAny meat used 2-3 times a week and not more than 170 g.
Fish and seafoodMarine cephalopods, crustaceans, shrimp, lean fish (salmon, trout), squidThese foods for gout are very useful. The diet calls for boiled fish, and the broth is desirable to merge
Milk, eggsLow-fat milk, yogurt, unsalted cheese, yogurt, sour cream, eggs (this product is allowed, but one can eat only 1 time a day 1 thing in any form), cheeseWhole milk should be consumed with caution. During the preparation of dishes based on milk better a little diluted. Butter is also not desirable to eat in its purest form. Better add it to cooked dishes
CerealsEverything except beansBeans are list of foods that can't be eaten, as they contain uric acid, and in large quantities
VegetablesDill, corn, beets, onions, garlic, potatoes, carrots, cabbage, cucumbers, zucchini, eggplant, tomatoes, pumpkin (improves metabolism)Garlic is useful in gout, as it helps to eliminate the inflammatory process. Vegetables are widely used during fasting days. Potatoes and cucumbers have a large amount of potassium, therefore, increase the excretion of uric acid from the body
Berries, fruitsOranges, tangerines, green apples, figs, persimmons, dried fruits (except raisins), strawberries, lemons, apricots, pearsIt is not necessary to eat only fruit and lots of it. The diet should be complete and varied
MealsPorridge from cereals to milk, vegetarian soup, potato soups with the addition of cereals, salads, fresh and pickled vegetables, vinaigrette, vegetable paste, vegetable, milk or sour cream sauceMilk in this case should be diluted
SweetsMarshmallows, jelly, jam, candy, not chocolate, ice cream
FatsAny vegetable oilAnimal fats should be avoided, as they are too heavy for the body
DrinksGreen tea, fruits and berries, tea with milk and lemon juice (even tomato), herbal teas, juice, compote of fruits and berries, fresh cucumber juice, alkaline mineral water gout is also very useful broth hips, chicory
SpicesVanilla, cinnamon, Bay leaf, citric acid

Gout on feet can be eaten seeds and all kinds of nuts:

Fruits and vegetables
  • Greek;
  • cedar;
  • hazelnuts;
  • almonds;
  • pistachios.

Peanuts should not be consumed because it is rich in purines. Many patients do not know whether it is possible to drink kvass in gout. The answer is simple: it is possible and necessary. The diet involves eating almost all fruits and vegetables with a few exceptions. For example, cherries for gout is possible. In a day can eat about 20 of the fruit. Useful cherry compotes, juices and fruit drinks. Cranberry for gout is especially useful. Juice from it promotes the excretion of excess purines.

It is important to understand how useful in gout are fish oil and Kombucha. Fish oil is a unique storehouse of vitamins. It contains almost all the minerals that the body needs. Why fish oil for gout should be taken necessarily. However, taking means you need to be careful if there are stones in the ureters.

Proper nutrition helps to remove uric acid and eliminate the inflammatory process in gout. To not repeat, one should forget about such products as: bacon, coffee, grapes, and especially alcohol. Only with such a condition gout treatment will be effective. Be healthy!