Diet "6 petals": a sample menu for each day and results

A romantic and female-nutritionist — has a good is for weight loss methods. Let us look at the popular diet "6 petals": a sample menu for each day, reviews and possible outcomes.

This is one of the Express methods, which is officially recognized by the European Association of nutritionists. It can bring quick and visible successes. The average case does not affect the health. Not to be critical ailments, the hungry fainting and grim consequences for immunity.

Diet 6 petals

And most clear advantage of a diet "6 petals" is the weight loss from 500 to 800 grams per day for people with excess weight of 7 kg and above.

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The basic principles of the diet

The author was fascinated by the concept of separation of power and created a programme of six mono-diet, which change for six days in a strict sequence.

Only 1 day is each mono-diet, when a person uses a narrow set of products from another group. Alternate proteins with carbohydrates, which gives additional acceleration of the body.

The author recommends 6 food groups, homogeneous in composition:

  1. Fish day = Fish + calamari, shrimp, octopus, mussels;
  2. Vegetable day = Vegetables;
  3. Day chicken = Chicken;
  4. Cereal day = Cereal;
  5. Cheese days = Cheese;
  6. Day fruit = Fruit.

Gourmet idea from the author seeks to support the commitment of losing weight person. What you need to do is to justify the idea and the name of the diet? Draw and cut out a flower with 6 petals TEW. To watermark a day and tear off the petals as you progress. So we clearly see that we have already overcome and what is the way ahead.

The main rules of eating

Diet: number of meals from 4, in small portions.

Forbidden between meals more than 4 hours. Sample menu includes:

  • Breakfast — 2nd Breakfast-Lunch — Snack — Dinner.

During the meal you need to chew your food.

Thoroughly means up to 20 times each bite. This will enrich the food lump activates the enzymes and the entire digestive system.

Water: clean water or weak tea (green).

Do not drink during meals. The number to focus on thirst. If thirsty not to drink at least 1,2-1,5 liters per day.

Any day permitted the use of salt and natural spices.

The amount of salt to 3-5 grams is 1/2 or 2/3 teaspoon. As a small additive allowed fresh leafy greens (dill, parsley, cilantro, lettuce).


The number of products for each day.

About the size of portions in more detail with examples, refer to one of the comments under the article.

Prohibited products

Diet "6 petals" imposes certain limitations on our menu. What foods are completely forbidden?

  • Any baked goods (with the exception of a few pieces of bread from whole grains day cereals).
  • All pastry and cooked sweets, chocolate and any foods with sugar.
  • Oil of any origin.
  • Smoked and canned foods, store-bought products.
  • Coffee, soda with sugar, juice, juice, long-term storage (a fruit day can be a bit of fresh juice).
  • Any products that are not part of the menu.

Sample menu for each day

Diet "6 petals" comes from the proven logic of the most successful programs: "Down with fast carbs!". That's why its the first day of fishing. Fish and seafood is easily digestible protein and the abundance of mineral salts and vitamins.

For reviews of those who have lost it is this protein start weight loss quickly reduces the feeling of hunger.

What we do in 1 day?

Eat fish and seafood of high quality boiled, baked, steamed. Allowed and the fatty fish.

To taste using salt, herbs and natural spices. For example, a set of herbs for the soup, but without other additives like MSG (!)

Day # 1. Fish of the day menu option:

  • Breakfast — boiled fish fillet, a little salt.
  • 2-nd Breakfast — slices of fish with bones, baked in foil. Salt and herbs — to taste.
  • Lunch — fish soup with salt and herbs (= empty ear without vegetables!). Board recipe: put in water not only fish, but also seafood. The meat of the shrimp 5 minutes before the end of cooking or sliced cooked squid as soon as I removed the pan from the heat.
  • Afternoon snack — steamed fish.
  • Dinner — boiled shrimp or squid.
  • In between meals — weak green tea without sugar.

What do we do on day 2?

Again only one type of food and few methods of cooking: raw, steamed, boiled, baked.

Please note! The oil in the vegetables do not add!

Day # 2. Vegetable day sample menu:

  • For Breakfast boiled potatoes and salad of raw cabbage.
  • 2-nd Breakfast — cauliflower and/or broccoli steamed, a little salt, do not keep in treatment longer than 7 minutes.
  • Lunch — steamed or boiled vegetable stew, season with a little salt, add the greens. Tastier to cook the mixture until "al dente": this is not raw, but still elastic. Such vegetables easier to chew your food.
  • Afternoon tea — baked in foil pumpkin or mashed boiled celery root and cut fresh vegetables (carrots, cucumber, bell pepper).
  • For dinner — a mix of vegetables headed cabbage and carrots baked in foil or steamed. Or raw salad with several kinds of cabbage, carrots and celery.
  • In between meals — weak green tea without sugar, water with the addition of fresh vegetable juice.
Chicken day

What we do in the 3rd day?

This is usually a crucial day diet "6 petals" when can descend apathy. To the rescue again, comes digestible protein from chicken.

Our task is to follow feelings of hunger and fullness. This means no calorie counting, chew slowly (up to 20 times each bite!) and stop when sated.

Day # 3. Chicken day — sample menu:

  • For Breakfast — chicken fillet boiled.
  • 2-nd Breakfast — chicken leg, baked in foil skinless, salt + spices from natural herbs.
  • For lunch, the second the chicken broth with shredded chicken and greens.
  • Snack— chicken thigh cooked without skin a couple.
  • Dinner — boiled chicken breast, water, a little salt.
  • In between meals — savoury green tea.

What are we doing in 4 day?

All kinds of herbs for cooking on the water — permitted products for mid weight loss programs. As in the previous days, you can add salt, herbs and spices without artificial ingredients.

Day # 4. Cereal day — menu option:

  • For Breakfast — green buckwheat, cooked the night before. Pour 1 part grits with boiling water (2 parts water), cover with a lid and towel. Before meals can a little salt.
  • 2-nd Breakfast — boiled rice.
  • For lunch millet porridge.
  • Snack— porridge with chopped greens.
  • Dinner — buckwheat porridge on the water.
  • In between meals — savoury green tea.

What we do in the 5th day?

Strictly on the cheese = just cheese and 1 Cup of nonfat milk (3%).

Day # 5. Cheese day — sample menu:

  • Breakfast — cottage cheese with no additives.
  • 2-nd Breakfast — salted cheese.
  • Lunch — cottage cheese and half a Cup of milk.
  • Snack — cottage cheese with no additives.
  • Dinner — cheese and half a Cup of milk.
  • In between meals — savoury tea.

What we do in the 6th day?

Eat only fruits, preferably raw.

Day # 6. Fruit day menu option:

  • Breakfast — large banana.
  • 2-nd Breakfast — an orange and an Apple.
  • Lunch — banana, 2-kiwi.
  • Afternoon snack: any seasonal fruit (apricots, plums, nectarines).
  • Dinner — a grapefruit.
  • In between meals — savoury tea, 1 glass of fresh fruit juice, water with added fresh juice.
Salads, braised in stews, baked fish, shrimp, squid

What we do after the diet?

  • In the first three days after the diet to exclude alcohol and any soda, fried, smoked, fatty foods and too complex multicomponent meals.
  • Do not rush for food! Do not seek variety and don't eat much. It is advantageous to calculate daily caloric for current weight and level of physical activity to stick it in a simple diet with minimal processed food.

How many laps can you do?

2 laps with a break of a week.

Salads, braised in stews, baked fish, shrimp, squid, meat, fruit and no flavor enhancers — spend free diets a week. And repeat the cycle diet "6 petals" to secure results.

The pros and cons of the diet "6 petals"

Petal diet is three main benefits on the way to harmony:

  1. High efficiency. Duration of weight loss in just 6 days, but according to numerous reviews, they can lead to sensitive weight loss: 4-5 pounds.
  2. Relatively light portability. This distinguishes the 6-day mono-diet of alternation from the usual one-food diet for a week. Psychologically and physically to withstand even a 3 day one or a week buckwheat diet on cereals can be much more difficult than to change the same sets of products day by day.
  3. No expression of feelings of hunger between meals. This advantage describes the majority of feedback on the diet. This positive aspect allows you to run the program easier and not lose focus.

Not without a program and disadvantages. This is not surprising, if we remember that the "6 petals" is still an extreme form of weight loss without a fundamental restructuring of lifestyles. All this systematic work will have to perform after diet efforts if we want to consolidate slender results.

Thus, what the weaknesses of the petal diet?

  1. Frequent smaller meals a narrow range of products throughout the day. It is difficult to organize working people. A perfect follower of the diet — people with a free schedule.
  2. Significant stress load on all organs and systems, which is typical for all mono-diet. Human nature provides diverse meals. Mono-diet is always skewed in excess of some substances and the deficiency of others. The lack of balance in the vital nutrients — stress to the body.
  3. The inability to follow their own preferences in individual days diet. Don't like the cheese ad nauseam? And you need to eat, and only his! This turn dozens of times increases the discomfort in the process of losing weight.
  4. Unproven benefits of food combining. Here, as with any placebo effect: do you believe that the separation of power has global advantages for weight loss? Placebo works for you. Don't believe me — join the Legion of those who participated in the studies and did not demonstrate any advantages from division of food during weight loss.
  5. And the last is the most significant! minus: petal diet changes our attitude to food, not cure the root cause of excess weight.

An excess of calories, sugar cravings and fat and lack of exercise are at the head of disharmony in the body and health problems from obesity.

Six days described program weight loss result on the scales and volumes, but does not change the psychology and do not bring up new healthy habits. But it's a risk to return to unhealthy diet and set weight.

Proper nutrition

Be careful! Overexertion of the body, but short-term results with a recurrence is not a rare scenario after any mono.

There is a "6 petals" and strict contraindications!

  • Pregnancy.
  • Breastfeeding.
  • Of chronic kidney disease.

By the way, about the strict separation of products, which is the basis of the diet. An interesting randomized clinical trial about separate nutrition for weight loss was conducted over 6 weeks in a hospital in Geneva.

Compared two groups of dieters with equal caloric menu. One group mixed the proper nutrition. The second separate power supply. Results in weight loss and volumes, as well as in routine blood tests were almost identical. Another question in the "magical benefits" section of products for weight loss.

Today we talked about the diet "6 petals", describing sample menu for each day, nutritionists and the possible results. I hope this will help you make an informed decision on the road to healthy slimness!