Diet yogurt

You want to lose weight quickly in a short period of time? Then diet yogurt exactly what you need. There are several variants of the diet on yogurt, but not all of them are effective and if you decide to lose weight with this diet, you should choose the one that suits you best. After all, we are all people different, someone strong, someone not. Someone has 5 extra pounds, but someone 50 or more. Someone has a slow metabolism, have someone there. For what would the time spent on kefir diet has not passed in vain, and the extra pounds are gone, the choice of diet should be approached thoroughly. I will offer 5 of the most effective diets on yogurt, I'll write about the features of each diet, as well as the testimonials of people who have tested this diet on myself, but you have to choose the perfect kefir diet for yourself. Before you go on a diet on kefir, do not forget to read the contraindications of this diet, which I will describe at the end of the article.

Diet yogurt

Diet yogurt are 3 day

This diet is also called Express diets. Usually it is used before any significant day if you have to lose 3-4 kilograms. More than 3-4 kg of excess weight for this Express diet you can't lose. Well, to get into clothes of a smaller size will succeed.

Every day, allowed to drink 1 to 1.5 liters of fresh yogurt, natural, no sugar. This number is desirable to drink for 5-6 receptions, at regular intervals of time.

This diet is designed for people who have will power, because to eat for 3 days only yogurt can not everyone. But after the diet, your stomach will shrink and you'll eat less.

Diet yogurt with fruit

This diet is the same as the previous designed for 3 days. Many use it as a quick diet. With it, you can lose 2-3 kg in 3 days. This is slightly less than on the previous diet, but it is not so strict and to respect it a lot easier.

Every day, allowed to drink from 1, 5 to 2 liters of fresh low-fat yogurt, of course, without sugar. This number is desirable to drink for 5-6 receptions, at regular intervals of time. Also during this diet allowed to eat fruits, all except bananas, as bananas are very high in calories.

Usually this diet yogurt combine with apples, because the effect with apples better than other fruits. However, for variety you can eat and other fruits. Many more use the menu of this diet yogurt as a fasting day. A day, you can lose up to 1 kilogram.

Diet on kefir and unloading

This diet is used not only for weight loss but for body cleansing after the holidays or a big and delicious feast. The advantage of this diet after a hearty meal is that it allows the body to relax after the feast, and allows you to develop the habit of overeating. But, as it is already known that the main problem of obesity – overeating. Just one fasting day on kefir, enough food after the holiday has affected your body.

Diet yogurt with fruit

Breakfast: a Cup of yogurt and 1 slice of black rye bread.

Snack: 2 apples and a Cup of yogurt.

Lunch: vegetable Salad or sauerkraut.

Lunch: a Cup of yogurt and 1 Apple.

Dinner: a Slice of cheese and 2 apples.

At night: a Cup of yogurt.

To stay on this diet is not easy, especially after a heavy meal. However, if you want to have a nice body and lose weight, these kefir fasting days are necessary to arrange, after all the holiday dinners and Lunches. Actually, ideally, if you eat 1 time a week for this menu. You will not only lose those extra pounds and clean your body.

Diet kefir and apples

This diet is designed for 1 week, during this time, you will lose weight 5-9 pounds. It all depends on your body, and also the more you weight, the more it will go away. Longer than 1 week to sit on this kefir diet is not recommended because it can adversely affect health. For 1 week you will clean your body and lose enough pounds.

The first 2 days of diet: day to drink 1.5 liters of skim fresh yogurt.

Second 2 days: a day to eat 1, 5 kilos of apples.

The last 3 days: a day to drink 1.5 liters of skim fresh yogurt.

You can't take it out on this diet is very difficult, you will want to eat, especially the first 2 days. During this diet is advisable to drink multivitamins because during the week the food is monotonous.

Diet yogurt and cheese

This diet is often used as Ekspress diet, if you want to lose a few pounds for a couple of days. The diet lasts for 2 days, after which you will lose 2-4 pounds. Diet for people who have no willpower, but patient people achieve good results, even for a couple of days.

Diet yogurt with cottage cheese

1 day diet (kefir): on this day, allowed to drink 1 to 1.5 liters of fresh yogurt for 5-6 receptions.

2 day diet (kefir cheese): on this day you can eat 300 grams of low fat cottage cheese and drink 750 ml of kefir. These products should be divided into 5-6 receptions.

This diet yogurt is very effective because yogurt and cottage cheese stimulate the metabolism. The body begins to more actively spend energy and begins to lose weight.

Contraindications diet yogurt:

Like any diet my diet has contraindications. Before you go on a diet, read the list of diseases in which diet yogurt is contraindicated. The most important thing in human is health and to risk them for the sake of beauty-it is better to choose the diet that suits you.

Diet yogurt will not be suitable for you if:

  • you have high cholesterol;
  • you have kidney stones;
  • you have high acidity of the stomach, or gastritis;
  • you have a stomach ulcer or duodenal ulcer.