How to lose weight in a month

If you're obese, you have extra pounds, it is time to begin the fight against fat deposits. To get rid of fat can be easily and relatively quickly, if you take all the willpower in a fist and adhere to our recommendations. To lose weight quickly in a month will work for everyone.

How to lose weight in a month

Sometimes lifestyle does not allow you to eat correctly during the day we snack on the go, a stress eater with a sweet, drink 5 on account of a Cup of sweet coffee and don't control calories. Weight rapidly recruited, and if we add to what we eat incorrectly, a relatively lethargic lifestyle, lack of sleep and stress, as a result, the body begins to actively accumulate reserves. That's nature and there's no escape. But there comes one day when you want to return to the old forms, to squeeze into a favorite dress and like her reflection in the mirror. For this there are a variety of ways, ranging from intense training and starvation. Hungry diets do not always have a positive result, and their effect is short-lived, once you relax and indulge in a tasty, as here, instead of lost 2 kg back somehow 3 or even all 4 pounds. The body comes sensibly, getting stress from starvation, at the slightest opportunity (nutrients), he immediately lays in a stock. Here they are, hungry diet. To lose weight in a month without harm for health, it is necessary to follow a proper diet. How to do it, let's find out in more detail.

How to lose 10 pounds in a month

You have an important business trip, you were given a ticket to the prestigious resort or you want to take part in a photo shoot. No matter what occasion each of us in order to get rid of extra pounds. More importantly, how to do it properly and without harm to health. For these objectives nutritionists have got some simple but very effective and healthy diets: it is the fasting days, or mono, when during the day should only have one product (it may be yogurt, Apple or cheese), as well as diet or diet grapefruit. The result from this diet – 10 kg per month. Only to strengthen the result will have to exert maximum effort. Extreme fasting without preparation can hurt. But if you start preparing in advance, for example, with the beginning of the month during the week to exclude from the daily diet flour products, sweets, sugar, and spicy, salty and fatty foods and gradually start eating healthy food, you can go into a diet without stress to the body.


Then you can start the main step is 10-day diet, every day is a chance to lose extra pounds. After a diet should be gradually accustomed to the old food, but it still must be proper diet, no flour, sweet and fatty. Otherwise the weight will easily come back.

Lose weight properly or how fast to get back in shape:

  1. These recommendations need to be observed not only within 10 days, but over the next months and even years. Then the result will be pleased with. The first thing to learn is to completely abandon farinaceous food. If it is difficult to do it, and arm stretches and eat a slice of white bread, it is recommended to replace the whole wheat, without yeast, or at least first on black bread.
  2. A taboo on all the sweets and pastries: cakes, cakes, cakes, croissants – all forget. If I wanted sugar, you can indulge in a spoonful of honey or a piece of brown chocolate.
  3. The rejection of white sugar. It would not like to drink sweet tea, have to get used to a different taste. Well, if this is difficult, can be put in warm tea, half a spoon of honey.
  4. Don't eat everything fried, smoothly go to the food cooked or steamed. Just the slow cooker will become your reliable assistant.
  5. Spicy and fatty – too it is necessary to limit and then eliminate. Meat and fish you can boil, bake or cook in a double boiler. This is just to facilitate the task, will save time.
  6. The Breakfast is tight, dinner is easy. In the morning you can eat food with carbohydrates-for example, oatmeal, nuts, bread. This rule needs to base. In addition, the last meal should be 2 or 3 hours before you go to bed. At night you can eat a little boiled chicken meat, egg, fish and cottage cheese. Do not mix both categories of products. This means you need to separately eat meat, separate the food with carbohydrates.
  7. Juice is to limit and minimize, as they contain a lot of sugar. Drinks with gas and beloved Coca-Cola – is your enemy in these drinks a lot of sugar.

This way you can gradually and painlessly get rid of extra pounds, and in addition, to improve the condition of hair, skin and overall well-being. Then its new weight is not have long to get used to, since the slimming process will occur smoothly, without any harm and stress to the body.

What to do if the weight is on one level and does not want to fall? This question is raised by many girls, who seem to be doing everything right but weight few weeks stubbornly not moving. Then comes to the aid of a useful product is a fiber and special fasting days.

What is the "fasting days"? This specially selected foods that can be consumed throughout the day. For example, it is good to have a day of rest and to eat during the day only fresh apples. If this is difficult, you should diversify the menu, and bake in the oven for a few apples. It's not only delicious, but also useful.

You can still make kefir a day, throughout the day you should drink only low-fat yogurt. Is a fat product is not above 1.5%. Do not forget that in such fasting days you can drink only green tea or herbal teas (coffee is a no – no) and it is also necessary to observe a drinking mode. Per day depending on your weight, you should drink at least 1.5 l of purified water, and then all of 2-2.5. L. a proper diet will help to lose weight in a month for a few pounds.

Second help in losing weight – fiber. This product can be bought in supermarkets or in the pharmacy. It is sold in powder and granules. The taste of this product, so you need to add in the liquid food kefir or yogurt. You can eat a spoonful of fiber and drink a glass of water. Calories in this product no, it is not absorbed by the body. Its main action is to pull out all unnecessary body (the toxins). This product is very useful in the fight against obesity, fiber is good for clearing the intestinal wall and stomach, acts gently, for a long time saturates the body. There is one "but" which must be observed at all times is to drink a lot of water. If you use fiber, it is necessary to help the body rid itself of toxins naturally. Drink plenty of fluids is the norm, if this is not done, the body begins to suffer from dehydration.

And another little secret that will help you quickly get back in shape is eating celery. Only this unique product forces the body to work at full, to lose calories, but get less than spent.

And yet – if you follow all the above recommendations, it is possible to shift the weight if it is to abandon dinner. Then you need lunch later than usual and a little tighter. For dinner it is possible to drink only kefir (1 Cup) and eat a little salad made of fresh vegetables. At night, the body needs to rest and extra calories to him to anything.


Tips on how to lose weight in a month

These recommendations will help to achieve good results:

  1. Master the exercise "active breathing". Thus we increase the concentration of oxygen in the blood, it works for us – actively burns fats. What does it mean? This means that you need to breathe often and deeply exclusively in the stomach. Do it like this: inhale – the abdomen inflated, slowly release the air. Repeat the exercise 5 times, gradually increasing the number of repetitions to 10 times.
  2. Another interesting exercise on the breathing is a short inhale-exhale. The inhaled air by the nose, exhaled so as to tense the abdominal muscles. Repeat 4 times, do this exercise every morning before Breakfast and evening before bedtime.
  3. Have you ever thought about how you walk? Slow or fast? In General, how often do you walk? If not, time to get used to a new way of life. The walking pace should be slow, gradually transitioning to mid tempo and accelerating. How to understand whether you perform this exercise: if during the slow walk, we talk quietly, all right. Average pace – can talk but there is shortness of breath. And if the tempo is fast, then you can still maintain a conversation, only to do it gets harder.
  4. Calorie counting: ideally every day, if not, at least every other day. Through the day you can "sit" on fasting days, the amount of calories in those days – not above 800. Priority protein foods and foods with a low index (glycemic), it's tomatoes, avocados, berries, fruits, and whole grains. Here is an example of one day: Breakfast omelette of 2 eggs plus 70 gr. salmon or salmon. Dinner – tomato with mozzarella cheese (50 gr.). Or this delicious option: yogurt with fresh strawberries for Breakfast and for dinner green beans with boiled broccoli and chicken.

To really lose weight in a month, if you have the motivation. Verified that if you have a company, it is possible to achieve better results. Need to find a kindred spirit and together to adhere to proper nutrition and diet. If you're married, you can bring the husband, or for example, ask the friend to take the path of harmony and beauty. Then you can even improve the results, because a reliable and strong shoulder is not only an incentive but also support in moments of weakness.

And another very important information: did you know that to start a fight with excess weight, you need to your phase? The woman is days, ranging from 4 to 14. Just at this period, the female body works like a clock, speeds up the metabolism. There is a chance to see the first results and continue working on yourself.

The rolling pin is a mandatory attribute of the kitchen will help to improve the skin condition. As you know, of losing weight, the skin becomes flabby and sagging. It is ugly. To avoid such situation, you need to work on yourself. If possible, make an appointment with the massage therapist, but if not the extra time and money, then you should take the initiative in their hands. Just for this you'll need a rolling pin (wooden), and plastic wrap. In addition, you need to buy a special anti-cellulite cream or use honey. Apply the product on problem areas (hips and stomach), wound plastic wrap, and then massaging using a rolling pin these sites. Movement: top – down. For each phase – up to 80 movements. It means to work out the abdomen, you will need 80 rentals, then the same one on the other leg.


How to lose 5 kg per month

5 kg per month – a figure not transcendental, but also need to try and work on them to get these pounds gone forever.

Follow the same rules as in order to lose weight at 10 kg, just need to give up bad foods, start eating healthy food without fatty and spicy foods, fried and no fast food. In addition, you should also count calories and to arrange fasting days. This will help reach the desired volumes.

The goal for the result:

  1. Real women do not rush from one extreme to another, so it's best to slowly but surely go to the target. If you accelerate and lose more than 1kg a week, the skin will suffer, you will become flabby. And this is ugly and harmful to health. Therefore, not starve!
  2. Snacks – Yes! Thus you can get rid of hunger and make it to the next meal. Products must be useful for: dried apricots, raisins, Apple, muesli. All of this can be put in a handbag and keep to yourself, not to be broken.
  3. Buy a beautiful notebook and pen, write down each meal. You can't eat depending on the mood, especially under stress, when I want to feel sorry for yourself and allow yourself to eat something forbidden. Plan ahead and make a rough menu for the next few days. It is easier to stick to your diet and tune in to the next meal.
  4. Consider in advance that you will be able to eat during the day, if you have an important meeting or business trip. Do not skimp on yourself and snacking on the go with anything.
  5. Weighing

Here is a sample diet for a few days:

  1. First day. For Breakfast eat cereal (30 g.), drink a glass of kefir (1%). In the evening 2 tablespoons of oatmeal pour the yogurt, add the pieces of 1 banana, put the jar in the fridge. In the morning, healthy Breakfast is ready. The second Breakfast consists of Apple sauce. At lunch, treat yourself to 2 slices of bread (whole grain), liver pate (2 tablespoons), salad with low-fat sauce (1.5 Cup) and 1 Cup of nonfat milk. In the afternoon you can eat an Apple. Dinner – a slice of turbot, steamed broccoli (1 Cup) and the same amount of rice. At night to drink yogurt with berries. The day is almost 1600 calories, of which 83 gr. is protein, 40 fats and 243 C. – carbohydrates. Little of fiber – 38 g.
  2. Day two: cornflakes (45 g.) bran (1 tbsp), drink milk (1 Cup). Can freshly squeezed juice of 1 grapefruit. After a couple of hours, eat dried fruit or fresh plums (3 PCs.). Lunch consists of 2 slices of bread, pate (cod liver – 2.5 V. L.), Cup of yogurt. For dinner, you bake the Apple, add half spoon of honey and a little cinnamon powder. Dinner: vegetable salad with low-fat dressing and chicken breast (85 gr.). Before bedtime can drink low-fat yogurt with peach. Calories: about 600, of which 63 gr. – are proteins, fats 47 g., more carbs – 230 gr. fiber little 29 gr.

Do not forget to drink purified water – at least 1.5 l a day.

And some tricks to prepare the body for intense weight loss – is clean. You can go 2 ways: do an enema with herbal teas or take herbal laxatives. By the way, if during the diet you have a strange smell from the mouth, rash on face, tongue covered with a whitish bloom, it suggests that you will have to repeat a series of cleansing enemas.