The Dukan Diet

The Dukan diet: description, duration of phases, allowed foods.

What good is the Dukan diet:

  • Protein foods you can eat when you want, in any quantity (lean meat and ham, eggs, any fish and seafood, low-fat dairy products)
  • You see the result already in the first days of the diet
  • You quickly lose weight
  • You lose weight at the expense of fat, while maintaining muscle mass
  • Improves condition of skin, nails and hair
  • The diet allows you to not only lose weight but also to keep the result

The stages of the diet

The diet consists of 4 phases: "Attack", "Alternation", "Consolidation" and "Stabilization".

The duration of the first three stages depends on the weight that you want to reset. The last stage - "Stabilization" is a way of life in which following a few simple guidelines you will be able to maintain the achieved result.

The weight that must be reset 1. Attack 2. Striping 3. Consolidation
5 kg 2 days 15 days 50 days
10 kg 3 days 50 days 100 days
15 kg 4 days 85 days 150 days
20 kg 5 days 120 days 200 days
25 kg 7 days 155 days 250 days
30 kg 7 days 160 days 300 days
35 kg 9 days 190 days 400 days
40 kg 10 days 330 days 500 days

Specific results of the diet are not universal and depend on the individual characteristics of the organism.

In the first phase you can eat only protein foods. With each stage of your diet will be expanded. In the second phase you can eat vegetables. The third - adds one piece of fruit and a piece of cheese a day, in addition, at this stage, you will be able to have an occasional "celebration of the stomach" and eat starchy foods. In the fourth stage you return to a normal diet.

One of the important rules of the diet is to completely eliminate any oil, fat and mayonnaise. Cook without oil on a non-stick pan, cook products, bake them in the oven, use the microwave, steamer and grill. Salads fill not with mayonnaise or vegetable oil, lemon juice.

During the diet, as well as after graduation, it is important to eat every day oat bran (you can order them on our website). They will replace you one good meal will give the feeling of satiety, will reduce cholesterol, help to avoid constipation. From bran to bake homemade bread, to cook desserts, cook porridge, make them with nonfat yogurt.

Other rules that must be followed at any stage of the diet:

  • Drink 2 liters of pure water per day
  • Walking for 30 minutes a day
  • To abandon the lift

Some products should refrain at all stages of the diet:

  • Alcohol
  • Sugar
  • Fried potatoes
  • Fruits with high sugar content: bananas, cherries, grapes, figs

The first phase: "Attack"

This step allows you to quickly see the first results of the diet.

At the stage of "Attack" should use the 1.5 tablespoons of oat bran a day.

Your food at this stage, protein foods low in fat and carbohydrates. Such products can be eaten at any time, in any quantity, as in the time of the attack, and at any other time of the diet:

  • Lean veal
  • White poultry: chicken, Turkey, quail, Guinea fowl (without skin)
  • Lean ham 4%
  • Beef liver chicken, kidney
  • Veal tongue and beef (front)
  • Rabbit meat
  • Fish any
  • Seafood: shrimp, squid, mussels, etc.
  • River
  • The caviar without oil
  • Yogurt, nonfat, 0.5% of
  • Low-fat cottage cheese, 0%
  • Cheese, fluid, nonfat, 0%
  • Skimmed milk, 0%
  • Soy cheese "Tofu"

The following protein foods can be consumed in limited quantities:

  • Eggs, no more than 2 yolks a day, protein with no restrictions
  • Crab sticks, no more than 8 units a day

Also at any stage of the diet you can eat foods that, not being protein, contain low fats and carbohydrates, or not have them at all:

  • Black tea, green tea, herbal
  • Instant coffee and custard
  • Coca-Cola light and Pepsi-Cola light
  • Sweeteners (except fructose, glucose and sorbitol)
  • Cocoa low-fat to 14%, 1 tsp a day
  • Corn starch, up to 1 tablespoon per day
  • Milk, dry, skimmed, 1,5%, not more than 3 art. L. a day
  • Wheat bran, no more than 1 tbsp a day
  • The flavorings
  • Leavening agent
  • Gelatin
  • Bouillon cubes low fat
  • Onions (not more than 1.5 bulbs per day)
  • Lemon as a dressing (not to drink like lemonade and not eating the fruit)
  • Parsley
  • Cumin
  • Vinegar
  • Mustard, in moderation
  • Salt in moderation
  • Vanilla
  • Cinnamon
  • Sugar-free chewing gum
  • and other products with minimal content of fats and carbohydrates.

From a certain set of products you can cook a variety of dishes that will make your diet absolutely comfortable.


The second phase of "Alternation"

It is on the basis of the phase of the Alternation you will reach your desired weight. In this phase, you alternate protein days with protein and vegetable. One day pure protein, the following proteins with vegetables.

Phase "Alternation" should be used 2 article. spoons of oat bran a day.

The quantity of vegetables is not limited, as protein products.

Prohibited: potatoes, all types of cereals and pasta, peas, corn, beans (green), olives/olives, avocados, beans, lentils.

Third stage: "Pinning"

Stage of "Consolidation" is designed to consolidate the achieved weight. The duration of this stage is determined by the formula: 10 days for each thrown kilogram. For example, if you lost 12 kg of weight, the duration of this stage for you will be 120 days.Consumption of oat bran increases to 2, 5 art. tablespoons per day.At this stage you can add in your diet:

  • One piece of fruit a day
  • One slice of cheese per day, weighing 40 g, (but avoid blue cheese, soft cheese and cheese made from goat's milk), try not to eat cheese 40% fat
  • A few times a week you can eat an unlimited amount of lamb, roast pork and bacon
  • Cheese

Under one piece of fruit a day is understood to be a medium-sized Apple or pear, 200-gram Cup of berries, one slice of melon, or watermelon, etc. At this stage you can eat any fruit with the exception of those that contain too much sugar: bananas, cherries, grapes, figs.In the phase of "Consolidation" there are two very nice improvements - a portion of starchy foods and "celebration of the stomach". Divide the number of days of the third stage in half. For the first part, you will be entitled to one serving of starchy foods per week and one "celebration of the stomach", in the second part - two servings of starchy foods and two "celebration of the stomach".Examples of starchy foods:

  • Potatoes, 1-2 pieces baked in the oven with the peel, or in foil
  • Rice, not more than 125 g
  • Pasta
  • Buckwheat

"Celebration of the stomach" is the one meal during which you can eat anything you want. The amount of food is limited to one portion of the first, one second and one portion of dessert. The number of food - focus on the average portion sizes in cafes and restaurants.One day should be pure protein, it is best if you pre-decide for yourself, what a day. Pierre Dukan recommends that you do a protein day Thursday.

Fourth stage: Stabilization

Diet behind, you have already secured your desired weight, time to move on to a normal diet. Up to this moment has changed your dietary habits you learned a lot about what foods are not dangerous to your body weight and also understand the consumption of any product should be monitored.Now you can eat anything you want, at the same time aware that what you are taught diet - do not get carried away excessively sweet and flour products, save in your diet a sufficient amount of meat and vegetables.


In order to keep the received result, continue to observe a few simple rules:

  • Eat 3 art. L. oat bran every day
  • Follow the "protein Thursday"
  • Drink water
  • Walk
  • Give up the Elevator

And remember: sport and movement - are your best allies in the fight against obesity. The more activity, the less restrictions on what you eat and when you eat.