Diet cucumbers

Summer is the perfect time for all of you who have not yet reached a perfect figure. It's time to use a unique diet to bring your forms to the desired size, which can persist for many years. The seasonality of the product will not affect your wallet, and the benefits will certainly be noticeable not only to you.

Diet loss good that not only adjusts the weight within 2-4 pounds. It is really possible to lose 5 pounds in 7 days. Great result, considering the quality food and lack of hunger.

cucumber diet

For reviews of losing weight satisfied with the results of more than 95%. For the remaining 5% of the lust for meat was an insurmountable barrier which prevented you to finish the course.

Cucumbers are present in many diets as an auxiliary product, but they deserve to be the main participant in the process of weight loss. There are many options cucumber diet for weight loss, but we look at the most popular and effective:

  • Day diet cucumbers (cucumber fasting day);
  • Diet for 3 days;
  • Diet loss for 7 days;
  • Diet yogurt and cucumbers.

Before considering them, know what benefits will bring you cucumber.

What is the use of cucumber

  • Amazing vegetable – the cucumber – only 10% consists of fiber, minerals and vitamins, calories with only 15 calories per 100 grams. The remaining 90% is water, which does not contain any calories.
  • Despite the low calorie content, cucumber is a great tool useful to eat. Eat a cucumber instead of a glass of soda – this delicious, healthy and quenches your thirst.
  • By eating cucumber no need to peel, as the skin is valuable for digestion. Coarse fiber help cleanse the intestines and body of toxins. If the peel is solid, grate the cucumber on a grater, but do not clean it.
  • Because the cucumber juice has diuretic properties, its regular use normalizes water balance and helps to cope with edema.
  • The retention of salt in the body also leads to edema. Cucumber promotes the excretion of salt, which affects the General condition.
  • Vitamins in cucumbers a little, but the trace elements are contained in the range. It is potassium, magnesium, zinc, copper, phosphorus, calcium and manganese. These substances are needed by the body daily, so include cucumber in your daily menu not only possible, but necessary.
  • Acid contained in cucumbers, does not allow the carbohydrates to turn into fats. Therefore, cucumbers are a great company to carbohydrate food.

This is not all the wonderful properties, but more than enough to make this green vegetable is full of participants of your daily menu.

Important! Cucumber is impossible to salt.

There are two reasons why you should heed the advice:

  1. Salt retains water in the body, contributing to the formation of edema and preventing weight loss.
  2. Vitamin and mineral benefits of cucumber under the influence of salt is reduced by 90%. That is nothing but the cleansing effect you get.

Day diet cucumbers

diet for one day

This is the most simple and effective way to remove a day from 1-1. 5 kilograms of weight. In this day you need to eat only a salad of cucumbers, so stock up on a couple of kilos and divide it into 5-6 parts. Each time, slicing cucumbers, add any herbs according to preference. This can be dill, cilantro, onion, celery, parsley, lettuce, or iceberg. All connect, but do not salt. It is possible to fill a tablespoon of olive oil or lemon juice.

On a hot day, such a diet is especially important. You quench your thirst, and be satisfied. It is noticed that the heat is quite reluctant. Easy cucumber salad will not cause stomach discomfort, and you will be full force for your business.

Enough to discharge 1 time per week to maintain your normal weight.

Diet for 3 days

In a three-day course has several variations.

With tomatoes

Will require 1.5 kg of cucumbers and 500g. tomato day. Everything is divided into 5-6 receptions. You can prepare salads or eat separately. Dinner – only low-fat cottage cheese – 200 gr. (you can substitute a Cup of yogurt).


To 1.5 kg of cucumbers, divided into 5 or 6 receptions, lunch and dinner added 1 boiled egg.

With other vegetables

As an addition you can use any vegetables, except potatoes. But the number of meals in this embodiment is reduced to 4.

Any of the options able in 3 days get rid of 2.5-3 kg of excess weight.

Diet loss for 7 days

It would seem that 7 days cucumber diet to sustain more complex than 3. But the 7-day diet is more forgiving because of the duration.

In the menu, in addition to cucumbers are fruits and vegetables (except potatoes). Added meat, fish, rice, egg. As a sauce used to taste – mayonnaise, sour cream or butter. You need to consider that mayonnaise is the most high-calorie dressing, so abuse it is not worth it.

3-4 days a week for lunch need to cook the soup. Frying, vegetables and salt in butter – banned.

In the diet for seven days, as in other variants, a large part of the diet are cucumbers and vegetables. If the menu includes hot, all meals should be steamed, stewed or boiled.

To improve the taste of unsalted, you can add herbs for a few minutes until tender. Slightly fragrant (black) pepper in the beginning of cooking will give the dish the taste and aroma. There are different recipes of cooking for the week-long diet, so the follow your own preference.

Menu cucumber diet for 7 days

diet menu
Day Meal Food for diet
1 day Breakfast A sandwich of whole wheat bread with soft cheese and slices of cucumber. Green tea
Snack 1 Apple or orange
Lunch A bowl of soup with cucumber and egg
Snack 1 Apple or orange
Dinner Salad of cucumber, herbs and salad leaves, dressed with olive oil
2nd day Breakfast Fried eggs, cucumber salad with herbs
Snack 1 Apple or orange
Lunch Chicken baked in the oven — 150 C, with a salad of cucumber, radishes and sour cream
Snack Any fruit of choice
Dinner Salad of cucumber, herbs and salad leaves, dressed with olive oil
3rd day Breakfast Egg white omelet with greens. 1 cucumber
Snack Orange or piece of cheese — 30 gr.
Lunch Fish, boiled or baked in the oven, 100 gr. rice. Salad 2 cucumbers
Snack Apple
Dinner Cucumber salad with dressing from yogurt
4th day Breakfast A sandwich of whole wheat bread with soft cheese and slices of cucumber. Green tea
Snack 1 orange
Lunch Steamed vegetables with a minimum of potatoes. 1 cucumber
Snack 1 Apple
Dinner Salad of cucumber, tomato, iceberg lettuce and mozzarella. Whole wheat bread
5th day Breakfast 1-2 cucumber and bread or toast.
Snack Orange or piece of cheese — 30 gr.
Lunch Salad of radish, cucumber and cabbage
Snack 1 Apple
Dinner Toast with soft cheese and cucumber salad
6th day Breakfast Cucumber salad with greens and whole grain toast, scrambled eggs
Snack Fruit of choice
Lunch Soup-puree of broccoli. A hunk of meat of your choice cooked in the oven. Salad of cucumbers and vegetables
Snack Fruit of choice
Dinner Cucumber salad 2 cucumbers and greens
7th day Breakfast A sandwich of whole wheat bread with soft cheese and slices of cucumber. Green tea
Snack 1 Apple
Lunch Vegetable soup, fish baked in the oven, a salad of cucumbers and radishes.
Snack Any fruit of choice
Dinner A salad of radish, cucumber, green onions and sour cream.

Diet yogurt and cucumbers

yogurt and cucumbers

Cucumber combined with yogurt, it becomes a potent tool for weight loss. During the day you can get rid of 2 pounds overweight.

A day will need 1, 5 liters of yogurt and 1, 5 kg of cucumbers that need to be crushed. Mix everything, add chopped parsley, dill or any other. Drink two hours in the glass. Other products during the diet can not be consumed, and a cocktail have to cook every day.

What is good about this diet, except weight loss? That the enzymes contained in cucumber, help the absorption of animal fats. These important fats are poorly absorbed under other conditions, so the use of this compatibility available.

This diet is quite strict, so the rate should not exceed 5 days. Can be repeated every 2 months so as not to harm the body.

Contraindications, pros and cons of the diet on cucumbers

The signal for the abandonment of the diet should be:

  • kidney problems, especially in the acute stage;
  • peptic ulcer disease;
  • increased acidity of the stomach and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • Kalita;
  • problems with the cardiovascular system.

Be sure to consult with your doctor and a dietitian that will help make the right menu for you.


  • Every diet available, and the products are not in short supply.
  • Easy to carry.
  • Not high in calories, but rich diet great thirst and hunger, and thirst.
  • Water can be specially not to drink, because the water balance is maintained by the cucumbers.


  • The diet is hard, therefore, to increase the duration of the course impossible.
  • Does not fit all.

The results of those who sat on this diet show the effectiveness of this diet. A majority reported not only weight loss, but also improve the health and condition of the skin, which is not surprising. The skin is an indicator of the condition of the body. When waste and toxins are removed with harmful substances, this necessarily affects the skin.

A few words about the cucumbers

Diet on cucumbers is unique in its accessibility, simplicity and efficiency. The "squeeze" of cucumber, the maximum benefit is possible if greenhouse varieties to prefer the ground.

Only one fasting day per week for a short time can dramatically change your look. But if the internal cleansing combined with an external, just regularly wiping face fresh circle, your new pictures are to be envied not only friend.