Effective exercises for weight loss belly and sides

Excess fat deposits often accumulate in the waist area. Typically, this problem occurs in men, but sometimes the girls are looking for effective exercises for weight loss stomach to make my abs at home in a few weeks. It is immediately ready that the desired result will be obtained only after a couple months of training and dieting. Real progress will be achieved in the reduction of body fat and strengthening abdominal muscles.

stomach slimming

What exercises should I do to remove belly fat

To pick out the right set for weight loss, you need to understand how to achieve a beautiful press. For forming a beautiful waist is not only to start burning fat, which creates folds on the sides, but also to strengthen the muscle corset. Even skinny girls press is not always flat or slightly sticking out, this indicates weak abdominal tone group.

Not every exercise to remove belly fat needs to build muscle. You should separate goals to build muscle mass and to strengthen it. If you perform crunches, the waist size is not only reduced, but also increase. Therefore, a coach is not recommended too often to perform a classic exercise for the abs. There are more effective ways to remove belly fat through exercise.

Exercises for belly

To obtain a slim figure is to enroll in fitness classes. The program includes anaerobic and aerobic exercise aimed at burning excess body fat. It is impossible to reduce the layer in any particular place, because the body loses weight at the same time in all places. Because of individual anatomical characteristics in some people, certain parts lose weight faster.

Exercise for weight loss stomach should start with cardio, which will provide fat burning effects. This will help start the metabolism, improve the metabolism, to saturate the cells with oxygen and other nutrients to force the body to break down fat cells into energy. Exercise for stomach and sides, you can start with:

  • Jogging on a treadmill or on the street;
  • Cycling or the treadmill;
  • swimming;
  • Pilates.

For a flat stomach

If you perform a movement with a large number of repetitions, you will achieve muscle growth. It can be interesting to men who want large, bold press, but does not need girls. Also it will have a low effect if not get rid of fat. To obtain a beautiful waist you need to exercise for a flat stomach. They are aimed at strengthening muscle fibers, not increasing. For these purposes, no need to pick up a lot of options, enough for a complex multiple. There are such effective exercises for slimming the abdomen:

  1. Classic twisting. Not the most effective, but the option to pull up tummy. Lying on the floor and start to stretch the chin to the knees. It is important that you did not lift the body at the expense of lumbar muscles, specifically strained your tummy. Climb on the way out and back to breath go down.
  2. To exercise the transverse muscles (the glass) should perform the twisting with the rotation. Lie on the floor, hands behind your head, reach right elbow to left knee, then right elbow to the left. This is a good option for leveling the longitudinal muscles, but don't get involved with them, not to increase waist size.
  3. Gymnastic video. This is a complicated option classes to strengthen several muscle groups. With the right performance you will involve the press, back and side muscles. A simple version, you must perform, on his knees, lay on the floor, something soft. Start to slowly roll the roller forward, do not touch the housing floor, then return to starting position.
slimming abdomen and sides

Slimming abdomen and sides

To lose weight, you need to follow a diet and perform exercises which start the process of weight reduction. This high-intensity workout, so exercise for weight loss belly and sides is not appropriate. Not easy, but very effective set obtained from the circular training. This program alternates between exercises for stomach and waist and cardio activity, which helps to ensure quick weight loss and muscle strengthening. To carry out such workout in the gym, go home. The sample program, you need to repeat 4-5 rounds:

  1. Jumping rope about 3-4 minutes.
  2. Tilts to the side, 20 each side.
  3. Twisting classic.
  4. The jumping rope.
  5. Strap.
  6. Side twisting.
  7. Tilts to one side, 20 on each side

Fat burning

If we are talking about training, which is aimed at burning fat that refers to high-intensity workout. Effective exercises for slimming the abdomen – this is any cardio load, accelerating metabolic processes, and metabolism. Only such a coach will help you achieve weight loss and flat tummy. Exercises for burning belly fat raise the heart rate to a level below the body began to extract energy from fat instead of carbohydrates (glycogen). This can be achieved only if the duration of the cardio is at least 30-40 minutes.

Slimming belly

Some people mistakenly believe that the press has an upper or lower division. During the execution of the workout should be efficient to pump all the parts. How much will involve the upper or lower part of an abdominal muscle depends on the ability of the athlete to perform the technique. Exercise for weight loss the lower abdomen will help to focus the load in this area. Here is one of the embodiments of this motion:

  1. Lie on the floor, hands to cling to something stable.
  2. Begin to lift straight legs.
  3. Stop them at a level where between them and the floor will be a 30 degree angle.
  4. Hold in this position for at least 30 seconds.
  5. Repeat this movement 4-5 times.
bar for weight loss


There are training options that help to make your muscles strong and resilient and keeping them in good shape. The plank exercise for weight loss belly and sides is universal and static, helps to train more and thighs, buttocks, shoulders, lower back. You do not build muscle mass, but only strengthen it. This is one of the options for effective exercises that will make your tummy flat and smooth. Classes for weight loss belly and sides should always include the bar. She performs as follows:

  1. Lay on the floor, something soft that I had 2-3 minutes to stand on the elbows.
  2. Take the focus if you want to do push-UPS. Then fall from the palms to the elbows.
  3. Hold the body absolutely flat, do not SAG in the back or a hump on the back.
  4. This situation will force simultaneously to strain the shoulders, abs, lower back, side muscles, buttocks, thighs.
  5. On the same principle, you can perform the side plank that will help to deal more effectively with the parties.

Breathing exercises for weight loss belly and sides

Eastern culture came yoga, which has firmly taken root in other countries, is considered an effective and popular training in all ages. Breathing exercises help to effectively achieve weight loss with proper implementation of activities. One option for this exercise – vacuum. The movement is relatively easy, but it is important to observe because if performed improperly, you may begin to feel dizzy, vomiting.

The vacuum helps to train the press and the whole cycle, increases the tone even deep muscles that do not allow the tummy to stick out. With 1 lesson a day, you'll be able to pull up the press to make it flat. Running the vacuum according to the following algorithm:

  1. Take a deep breath.
  2. Then a sharp inhalation through the nose and again exhale, the air has nowhere to stay at all.
  3. Tighten your abs and hold this state for 10-15 seconds.
  4. You can then relax it and breathe.
  5. Repeat 3-4 times, over time, the number can be increased.

There are several nuances that need to be considered when such training:

effective weight loss
  • effective she will only. if you give up fatty, sugary foods;
  • after such breathing exercises can be very want to eat, restrain this urge;
  • to do too much vacuum is impossible, if you feel that you start to feel dizzy you need to stop.

All possible variations of training of the press are reduced to two kinds of motion: twisting and static loading. You do not need 10 exercises for slimming the abdomen and sides to make a flat press as the picture. The main thing to learn to execute techniques, to exercise regularly and eat right.