Yoga for weight loss: exercises

The practice of yoga in the wider sense is not the aim of losing weight but some exercise is ideal for weight loss. The popularity of this trend is gaining momentum, especially among urban Indian technique helps to restore inner harmony and spiritual balance, relieves work stress and physically supports toned body.


Consider the basic asanas and their influence on problem areas, and explore all of the benefits of such trainings at home and contraindications.

How useful are these practices

Regular exercise has beneficial impact on human health. The asanas, as well as other types of physical activity, contribute to the waste of large amounts of calories. The exact calculation depends on the duration and number of approaches.

The result becomes visible not only in reducing body fat and volume. The complex of yoga exercises for weight loss is also reflected in the following indicators:

  • acceleration of metabolism in the body;
  • prevention and elimination of cellulite and stretch marks on problem areas;
  • elasticity and firmness of the skin;
  • the normalization of the gastrointestinal tract;
  • increasing the flexibility and strength of the body;
  • restoring hormonal levels due to activation of the thyroid gland;
  • dealing effectively with the stresses and depressions of various nature, etc.
Yoga for weight loss

The positive effect is not in doubt, but before you start training, consider the individual characteristics of the organism and the possible reactions to physical load. Before the change of regime consult your doctor and rule out contraindications.The program "Transformation" does not contain physical loads, within its framework, we recommend a maximum of Hiking.

The main recommendations for training

Despite the fact that yoga at home for weight loss does not require serious physical training and equipment, to achieve a visible result is to follow a few rules:

  • having the right gear. Asanas don't mean strenuous exercise, but to execute them better in a tracksuit, for freedom of movement. Suitable clothes made of knit or synthetic;
  • materials, and wicking. Shoes of this direction is not obligatory, if convenient, you can do barefoot or in socks;
  • auxiliary accessories. For comfortable training purchase a fitness Mat or a specialized Mat. To execute some positions may require a stand for support;
  • warm-up before a session. To avoid sprains and other injuries spend a preparatory stretching to warm up all muscle groups.

You can train at any time of the day – in the morning instead of charging or in the evening after work – it doesn't matter. The main thing here is regularity. Adherence to yoga sessions will allow you to effectively adjust the body to the the burning of body fat when losing weight.

The duration of the classes varies depending on your physical capabilities – from several minutes to 1-1. 5 hours. Better to start with small loads, gradually increasing the number of sets and the duration.

Do not perform asanas on a full stomach, it may have a negative impact on digestion. Leave time before Breakfast or 2-3 hours after a meal.

Yoga exercises for weight loss

The active work of the muscles and provides for intensification of processes in the body, that's why it's the most effective in the fight against excess weight. Weight training mean work from the own weight without additional equipment. In order to start, will only need a fitness Mat is an ideal option for those wishing to work on themselves at home.


Consider a few of the simplest elements of yoga for quick weight loss at home for beginners.


Position is for training the legs, including the most problematic areas – the inner thigh. The essence of implementation is broadly extremities, deployed the feet and holding the position in squat. My hands are at chest level, back straight, knees at a 90 degree angle.


Warrior pose for strengthening leg muscles and back. Make a lunge, bending your front leg at 90 degrees, back straight and feet fully placed on the floor. The position of the hands at chest level, elbows pulled back. Position implies a perpendicular retention of the torso relative to the floor. Then the limbs are reversed.


Is standing, legs wide apart, back straight, the right foot is deployed at a right angle relative to the left. Do slopes to the right, trying to touch the floor, the left arm is directed in the opposite direction on the same line. Then expand the head in her direction and linger for a few seconds. Then repeat the manipulation of the mirror.


The pose of the baby stretches the muscles of the back. Lean four points – hands and full feet. Raise your pelvis and pull the brush forward. Relax and allow the spine to stretch under load of your body.

When problem areas in the abdomen

To cope with excess deposits on the waist will help the following positions:

  • uttanasana. Starting position – standing, feet together, hands raised up. During exhalation, the trunk is bent in half, hands gently reach for the floor, the waist is fixed, then the breath returns to its original position;
  • navasana (boat). Sitting on the floor, straighten the legs and back. In this state, and lean back and raise your legs – the perfect choice of the back and lower body – 30 degrees from the floor and perpendicular to each other. Hold the balance, and is strong enough;
  • dandasana. This is the analogue of the usual all trims. Lie on your stomach and position of the limb resting on elbows and toes. Fix the rack, with control straight line of the body.

By daily practice of these asanas at least two approaches with a fix within minutes, the change amounts in the stomach area can be seen in 10-15 days.

Exercises for legs yoga for weight loss

Asanas that affect the hip are very effective in exploring their inner side, tighten the buttocks and cope with cellulite. The most effective ones are outlined below.

Utkatasana (chair)

Stand exactly, feet together. On the inhale brushes rise up, palms pressed against each other, on the exhale – slow squat to 100 degrees, lock. Follow straight back and breath.

Setu Bandhasana

Analogue of the well-known bridge. Lying on your back, bend your knees and slowly raise the body until the lower leg forms a 90-degree angle, lock. The buttocks drawn, strained arms and neck. Exit positions should run smoothly, lowering hips to the floor.

Impact on hand

To reduce the volume in the forearms you can also use training. The most common tasks:

  • kumbhakaran. Starting point – lying in elbow position, but the palms are pressed together. Fixation in this state, if possible, from 10 seconds to 1 minute or more;
  • dandasana. This asana described earlier. For maximum effect, position the body as low as possible to floor level.

How useful scrolls

This type of yoga at home for weight loss can accelerate the metabolism, strengthen the kidneys, liver and other internal organs and stimulate digestion. Crunches are performed from points lying, sitting and standing. Consider the basic methods:

    The bridge
  • lying on back arms extended to sides, right leg raised and bent at the knee. Are the body turns to the right in an attempt to reach the floor, but shoulders, hands and left leg remain stationary. The head tilts back at the same time. Then work situation changed in the opposite direction;
  • from sitting posture: cross your legs Lotus similarly, the right hand put on the floor behind the left – on the right knee. Take the case as far right as possible, stay in the pose for a minute. Repeat in the other direction;
  • standing: stand up straight, hands fold at chest level with palms together. Sit, sit, averting the pelvis back, twist the body to the right. Right elbow behind the left thigh, a look, looking at the sky. Stay in the pose for a minute, change the position in reverse orientation.

Standing asanas are the most challenging for beginners – they have the muscles as tense, besides efforts are required for balance.

Inverted postures

This direction develops flexibility, good working many muscle groups of the back, abdomen, arms, and beneficial to the health of the gastrointestinal tract.


Otherwise known as the plow pose, is performed from a prone position, on inhale. Extended legs raised vertically and gradually infest a head. The pelvis and thorax, and also go over the lower part of the body. Remain motionless in this position while this allow your opportunity.


The starting point – horizontal position. Get the palms under the buttocks and pull the chest from the floor, simultaneously throwing back his head. Stay in the asana for 30 seconds and gently return to starting position.

Breathing practices

Successful in the fight against excess weight is not only exercise, but also breathing exercises. It is also useful for beginners – these exercises of yoga for weight loss will make it easier to enter into the training process, to improve the General condition of the body, saturating it with oxygen and to establish the metabolic processes.

Take a comfortable position (e.g. Lotus). Roll the tongue, stick out it out and inhale it through the air slowly and deeply. Face muscles should be relaxed.

One of the simplest methods is deep nasal breathing. Follow every flow of air – inhalation and exhalation, the maximum filling and emptying the lungs. Movements are performed by the diaphragm, the abdomen moves horizontally to the spine and from him. The chest remains motionless.

Try to alternate the sharp intake of breath and a slow exhale, not forgetting the operation of the diaphragm and a relaxed state of the chest. Therefore performed 3 sets of 10 breathing cycles with a break of 30 seconds. Gradually the number of repetitions at one time increases.

To achieve notable results in the process of weight reduction should be approached comprehensively. Some physical exercises for correction will not be enough. The formation of useful habits, adherence to diet and psychological work with a specialist in conjunction will lead you to the form of your dreams and long-term to maintain it.

Possible contraindications to yoga for weight loss


In some cases, the asanas can cause complications of existing conditions. This is especially true of injuries, back problems of a different sort, etc. in addition, such training is not recommended for people who have the following diseases:

  • hernia;
  • heart attack;
  • stroke;
  • hypertension and other pathologies of the cardiovascular system;
  • the effects of surgical intervention, open wounds;
  • cancer;
  • flu, SARS, etc.

If you have a chronic disease, you should consult with your doctor about the possible safety and health training and start with small loads and a session with short duration.

Specialists provide expert assistance in the selection of the power supply system, calculation of necessary physical activity and coping with psychological problems. Comprehensive program designed for an individual approach to each patient, and professional monitoring of health status and intermediate results ensures the achievement of the goals in the struggle for harmony.

As a conclusion

Herein yoga exercises for weight loss suitable for both beginners and experienced athletes, but will be effective only with the proper technique execution. Experts recommend to control the position of all parts of the body in asana for activating the desired muscle groups.

The implementation of our recommendations is able to speed up the process of weight loss and will be a great addition to a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle.