Diet for weight loss 10 kg

There are many options of effective methods designed to get rid of such the number of kilograms. They differ in duration, severity of constraints, the set of products, orientation effects on the body and other parameters. You only need to choose the optimal diet and nutrition, which will not cause discomfort, harm the body and will allow you to quickly achieve the intended results.

weight loss of 10 kg

Choosing a method of weight loss, you must consider that with such a quick and pretty big weight loss in 7 or 10 days minus 10 kg – diet will be dangerous for health and have a number of contraindications. Therefore, to use it be very careful, very rarely and only when absolutely necessary.

According to experts, even 1 month is a relatively short period of time to get rid of this amount of excess weight. However, this option is more acceptable, because it allows you to create a completely balanced menu with the correct ratio of protein and carbohydrates, but with almost total elimination of fats.

In General, when choosing a way to lose weight 10 kg, irrespective of the duration of the diet recommended to consider some nuances:

  • products preferred in the menu.
  • tolerability and the likelihood of allergic reactions to products allowed;
  • existing contraindications.

You also need to understand that a very quick and effective techniques that allow you to lose 10 pounds in a few days, usually not the best in terms of impact on the body. It is therefore very important to find a weight loss option that will optimally combine the advantages and minimize the damage to the health of all restrictions. Determine the time needed to obtain the desired result, you need to choose a diet that is appropriate in duration and of course the appropriate taste.

Types of diets in severity

All variety of diets for quick weight loss of 10 kg, there are several the most effective, which include:

  • strict – the most stringent of all;
  • cleansing – softer;
  • for the lazy – the most gentle.

Of course, the most effective of all – a strict diet that allows you to lose 10 pounds in 7 days.


Called strict diet, a diet which consists of minimum number of low-calorie foods that promote cleansing of the body, the excretion of fluid and enhanced fat burning. The most common variants of such methods of weight loss are hard mono, in which menu is limited to 1-2 products.

The essence of the rules

The effectiveness of a rigorous methodology due to the creation of a calorie deficit, by which to obtain the necessary energy begin to split your own fat reserves. Calorie daily ration is dependent upon the characteristics of the organism, but most often it is in the range of 800-1200 kcal.

The advantage of a strict diet is not only quick weight reduction of 10 kg can you lose in just 1 week. But it happens mainly due to the high quality of cleansing the intestines and removing excess water from the tissues.

The disadvantages of this technique much more. With frequent use greatly increases the risk of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and exacerbation of any chronic disease. Furthermore, with such rapid weight loss is often dropped pounds come back, and with the appendage, and excessive dietary restrictions are carried pretty hard.

To achieve maximum results and reduce discomfort in the process of weight loss is recommended to follow the rules:

  • to reduce feelings of hunger increase the number of meals should be increased to 6-7 times, and single servings reduce to 200-250 g;
  • not to use any other products except as permitted, especially when a mono diet;
  • to accelerate the process of cleansing should drink 1.5–2 liters of water per day.

For the duration of the strict diet usually 3-10 day, but to get rid of 10 kg is required at least 1 week.

sample menu

Sample menu

Varieties of strict menu, where you can lose up to 10 kg excess weight, there are many. In fact, you can lose weight in any healthy foods or combinations thereof, most importantly, significantly reduce the energy value of the diet. The optimal duration of a technique which allows to get rid of such amount of pounds, is 7-10 days.

7 days

Even the most hard weekly diet is presented in two versions:

  1. Every day to drink 1.5–2 liters of yogurt and the same amount of clean water.
  2. Every day instead of yogurt to eat 1 kg of apples.

Also, there is another menu is designed for 7 days and a loss of 10 kg:

Day Diet
1 pure water – 2 l
2 kefir – 1,5 l
3 freshly made vegetable juice – 1,5 l
4 vegetable broth (except potato) – 1,5 l
5 fruit juice 1.5 l
6 any previous menu
7 any previous menu

When choosing a diet should take into account that each of them is almost starvation, which not only accompanied by a strong feeling of hunger, but also creates a powerful stress for the organism. In addition, before starting a 7-day period weight loss need to take a preparatory stage. For this for 1 week, should be gradually to reduce the number of used products, giving up all junk food. But after the diet will have at least 2 weeks to gradually get out of it, observing a low calorie diet and adding 1-2 per day.

For 10 days

Menu 10 day strict diet is more diverse, but because of too much restrictions is also transferred quite difficult. Throughout the entire period every day to eat only 1 product according to the following scheme:

Day Diet
1 eggs – 5 PCs.
2 fish – 400 g
3 chicken breast – 400 g
4 the potatoes "in uniform" – 5 PCs.
5 veal – 400 g
6 fruits unlimited
7 vegetables – 400 g
8 cottage cheese – 500 g
9 kefir – 1 liter
10 rose hips extract – 2 l

In addition to these products, you need to drink at least 2 litres of water a day.

If necessary, getting rid of 10 pounds in 10 days, the diet should be as strict as possible. Therefore, no flavorings, and the salad must only pressurised with lemon juice.

onion soup

On onion soup

This diet is based on the use of onion soup, cooked by a special recipe and which has strong properties that burn fat. To get rid of 10 kg, it must be there for 1 week.

For cooking you need to take the following ingredients:

  • 6 bulbs;
  • 1 small head of cabbage (or half a large);
  • 2 tomato;
  • 2 bell peppers;
  • 1 bunch of celery.

All cut into small cubes, pour 3 liters of cold water, not salt, not pepper. Bring to boil, cook on low heat until tender. In addition to soup, during the day you can eat raw vegetable food.


Strict Japanese diet for 14 days and lost 10 lbs. Whole period it is necessary to eat only certain foods, which include:

  • seafood;
  • fish;
  • lean meats;
  • eggs;
  • fruits;
  • vegetables;
  • cheese.

Diet can be as follows:

  • Breakfast – coffee;
  • dinner – cabbage stew, 2 poached eggs, tomato juice;
  • dinner – fish or meat.

For snacking it is recommended to use unsweetened fruit or juice from them.

To properly withdraw from a strict diet, you need to:

  • the first week after weight loss eat only vegetables, fruits and dishes from them;
  • from the second week you can enter in the menu the meat;
  • caloric intake be increased gradually – every day at 150 calories.

The result of such strict restrictions on diet will fast and effective weight loss and intestinal cleansing.


According to this method to get rid of 10 pounds in 3 weeks, but more gentle, though still quite "hungry" menu. In the first 2 days allowed to drink only 2 liters of milk and 2 slices of bread of coarse grinding. Then, in the next 19 days you must eat in the following way:

  • Breakfast – apples (2-3 pieces depending on size);
  • lunch – vegetable soup, fresh vegetables;
  • snack – fruit;
  • dinner – vegetable cutting.

In fact, the English diet is fruit and vegetables, therefore, supplies the body with sufficient amounts of vitamins and may occur within 3 weeks.

Choosing such strict diets, you need to consider that they may be used only in the absence of gastrointestinal disease, various chronic diseases and other serious health problems. If there are any contraindications, it is better to lose weight at a more gentle cleansing methods.


Weight loss program based on the cleansing of the intestine and excretion of excess fluid, though less rigid than the strict variants, but is also characterized by low calorie content. This is because the dietary ration must not only withdraw all unnecessary, but to force the body to burn its own fat reserves.

The essence of the rules

For the cleaning of food products are used which promote qualitative excretion of toxins and harmful salts, the consequences of intoxication, reducing the volume of problem areas of the body.

The rules of this methodology provides for:

a vegetarian diet
  • a complete rejection of animal products, fatty, fried, smoked, sweet and other energy-dense foods;
  • the use of cereal grains, vegetables, fruits, low-fat dairy products;
  • drinking regime – at least 2 liters of usable liquid (water, unsweetened herbal tea) per day;
  • 4 small meals a day (200-250 g) portions;
  • the last meal 4 hours before bedtime.

The main advantage of this dietary cleanse – 10 pounds in 10 days with recovery of almost all organs and systems, as well as improving the appearance and overall health.

Sample menu

The basis of this diet is vegetable broth, which is prepared from the rate of 400 g of vegetables (carrots, celery, cabbage) in 1.5 liters of water. The menu itself you need to make the following scheme:

Days 1, 6:

  • in the morning portion cooked in water oatmeal;
  • the day – vegetable broth, Kale salad, ginger tea;
  • snack – fresh carrot;
  • in the evening – vegetable broth, grated Apple, yoghurt and ginger tea.

Days 2, 7:

  • in the morning – porridge, vegetable slicing, yogurt;
  • the day – vegetable broth, 2 boiled potatoes, cucumbers;
  • snack – fresh fruit;
  • evening – fruit salad with pumpkin seeds, herbal tea.

Days 3, 8:

  • morning – vegetable broth, buckwheat;
  • the day – rice porridge, carrot salad, fruit decoction;
  • snack – fresh berries;
  • in the evening – a vegetable broth, a Kale salad.

Days 4, 9:

  • morning – fruit salad with nuts and rice, yogurt;
  • the day – vegetable broth, rice with dried fruit;
  • snack – fresh fruit;
  • in the evening – vegetable broth, buckwheat.

Days 5, 10:

  • morning – rice, ginger tea;
  • the day – vegetable broth, boiled beans, cabbage with an oil-lemon dressing;
  • snack – vegetable broth;
  • in the evening – a vegetable stew with rice, ginger tea with lemon.

Significant disadvantages of such a power. But diet will have to monitor, abandoning the usual dishes, as well as adjust your way of life. If this is too difficult, it is better to use a special technique called lazy.

For the lazy

Because the desire to lose weight often hampered by the inability to follow the schedule of food or cook special food, nutritionists propose a specific system of weight loss for the lazy, which you can use to get rid of 10 kg, and to maintain your weight in the future.

The essence of the rules

The secret of efficiency "Lazy" diet and its main rule is 2 cups of warm water that you should drink before each meal. However, no restrictions in the diet is not followed.

The essence of this method lies in the fact that the water fills the stomach, reduces hunger, and, accordingly, the amount of food intake. In addition, the flow of water in large quantities boosts your metabolism, preventing the deposition of fat.

diet on buckwheat

Sample menu

Food should be 3 one-time. While Breakfast, lunch and dinner you can eat a normal meal without changing your diet. But before each of them need to drink 2 glasses of warm water. If in between there is a strong sense of hunger, snacking is allowed, but only before them it is also necessary to drink 1 glass of warm water.

After eating any liquid you can drink only 2 hours. It is desirable to limit the consumption of sweets and flour, then the effectiveness of weight loss will be maximized.

Note that intake of large amounts of water leads to leaching of minerals, so the entire period necessary to take mineral Supplement. For this reason, water diet is not suitable in the presence of kidney problems.

In addition to the described diets for weight loss of 10 kg in a short period of time, you can use other, very popular methods, selecting them by their taste preferences. These include system weight loss on protein or vegetarian products, various cereals, fruits, vegetables, etc.

Out of the diet

Right you need to go with any weight loss. But this is especially important in cases when we used the strict version of the diet with significant weight loss. It is necessary to follow a few rules:

  1. The usual food to enter into the menu gradually, 1-2 products per day.
  2. To start with a healthy meal.
  3. Fat, fried or other heavy meal you can begin to apply not earlier than 7 days and it is better to completely abandon it or to minimize.
  4. Gradually increase caloric intake by 100 calories daily.

Out of the diet is always necessary during such period will be 2 times greater than the duration of the process of weight loss. The main requirement is that the transition was smooth, with a gradual return to a normal diet.

It will also be useful to completely revise your eating habits. It is necessary to adjust nutrition and lifestyle in the future not to have problems with excess weight.