Proper nutrition for weight loss

There is hardly a person who would not want to have a perfect figure. And most of the time to achieve it we need to get rid of excess deposits of fatty tissue. Of course, you can torture yourself in the gym to semi-unconscious state or to continuously sit on all kinds of diets, arrange fasting days or practice fractional power.

Proper nutrition for weight loss

But anyone who has faced the problem of excess weight, knows how difficult it is to lose weight and how quickly they return. Fortunately, there is a relatively easy way to lose weight once and for all — this so-called proper nutrition. Moreover, it is easy to modify for weight loss, and to secure the weights or even set if necessary.

The essence and fundamentals of nutrition

So what is a healthy diet? It is almost whole worldview that is based on a suitable approach to eating. There will not be any rigid taboos or restrictions, but there are some principles that will help you better understand this system of power:

  1. The principle of thermodynamics. It would seem, and here the term from the curriculum in physics? Oddly enough, but the human body is also subject to these laws. So, proper nutrition implies a strict adherence to the rule: the person must obtain only the amount of power that can afford to spend.
  2. The principle of chemical compatibility. Well, the chemistry lessons were not in vain. In this case, you should take into account the individual characteristics of each organism. Probably, many faced with a physical intolerance to some diet or "useful" products like exotic fruit or even a simple citrus and eggs. Proper nutrition is necessary to eat only what "love" your body. So if you cause nausea spinach and broccoli, but the banal beans goes with a Bang without any consequences, from the diet should exclude these very diet products and leave so rich in polysaccharides of legumes.
  3. The principle of fractional power. This principle is familiar to anyone who has ever dieted or thought about healthy eating. But few know what it is based. The fact that the body is unable to digest more than five hundred calories at a time. All that is over, it will be "pending" in the most troubled area of your body. That's why 5-6 meals meal of the day is the most healthy. In addition, if the body will not long remain without food, he will not have the desire "to save a little in reserve" in case of "time famine".

Rules and diet

Thus, we understand the basic principles of proper nutrition. The next question, which is usually concerned with wanting to lose weight: where to start. Perhaps the most correct will still go to the doctor and get tested to identify not does your body lack in any substances, and learn about all the possible health problems. This will allow you to choose the most suitable for you diet.

Proper nutrition

Mode of food intake

  1. Diet. As already stated above, throughout the day you should have five meals. This will give you the opportunity to accelerate the metabolism and reduce the likelihood of deposition of adipose tissue.In this case try to distribute your calories so that their number was greatest for the first meal and the minimum for the latter.
  2. The variety of the menu. Proper nutrition designed for the receipt of all necessary minerals from food. It is therefore advisable to regularly change the products and dishes from them. Don't be afraid to experiment. Moreover, such "changes" will allow much faster to get used to the new diet.
  3. The methods of cooking. Proper nutrition is pleased that allows various ways of cooking. Most importantly, try to reduce the amount of fried food. Prefer baking in the oven or steaming. Moreover, there are many delicious recipes. And make the food more palatable will allow spices and a variety of sauces (see details below).
  4. "Fasting" meals. Of course, it is difficult to abandon old eating habits. And just sometimes you want such a harmful and high-calorie "Goodies". Usually the most difficult is to break this psychological barrier. So if you have not, then just allow yourself a couple of times a week to eat something "odd" is one of the meals. But try to keep the fell on the evening.
  5. Sleep. This mode is required not only for eating but also for sleeping. Because in the case of regular sleepless nights in the body begins to produce stress hormones, which provoke a set of unhealthy weight.
  6. Sport. Proper nutrition is simply impossible without physical activity. Even if you have no time or opportunity to go to the gym, then select at least 20-30 minutes a day for a banal workout, as physical education classes in school. Again, this will help to disperse the metabolism plus allow the skin and muscles to stay toned, despite the loss of mass.
  7. The speed of weight loss. Proper nutrition for weight loss is not rapid diet. This allows you to use it even nursing mothers. However, you must bear in mind that a healthy loss is considered to be no more than two pounds a week. So please be patient. But this speed to prevent the appearance of skin folds in the presence of a large initial weight.

Here we have reached what foods you can eat with a proper diet for weight loss. You will appreciate this list. Because prohibitions like those are very few. Even salt can be eaten, however, it is still desirable to gradually reduce its amount, or use ground seaweed.

Avoiding harmful food

Vegetables and fruits

Many diets are against eating fruit because it contains fructose. Proper nutrition no such restriction. But you yourself should understand that this does not imply permission to uncontrolled absorption of the same bananas or grapes. Just try to make it a separate meal. Best of all they have to sixteen hours. Then, the obtained glucose time to fully be consumed by the body.

To a very high-calorie foods include nuts, but at the same time, they are very useful. In the nuts contain selenium, they are rich in vitamins and minerals. So don't abandon them. Just make it a rule to eat no more handfuls.

But vegetables can be eaten throughout the day. They contained fiber improves digestion and raw or baked, they retain the maximum amount of nutrients. Of course, you can put out and sometimes even to fry, but preferably at least once a day to eat some amount of raw.

Greens can be eaten safely and without any restrictions. Choose yourself something to taste and add to salads, soups or just mixed with yogurt for a tasty sauces. But beans is quite a specific product due to the high content of polysaccharides. They provoke bloating. They are just a fount of vegetable protein and minerals. So focus on the reaction of his body.

Meat and fish

A proper diet allows the consumption of practically all types of meat. The only exception is fatty. Although it all depends on the method of preparation. For example, when baking on the grill, excess fat will drain, reducing overall calorie content. But if the original weight is too large, it is better to confine light and diet varieties. Perfect chicken breast, rabbit, quail or veal.

As for eating fish with proper nutrition, some sources you can find the information that weight loss requires a waiver of oily fish. But this is fundamentally incorrect statement. Because these fats are necessary for the synthesis of phospholipids, which are essential for the normal functioning of the brain. So the fish can and should be there. Just it is advisable to boil or bake, instead of fry it in oil.

Cereal and pasta

Porridge is another essential body product that can satiate his so-called long carbohydrates. Unlike their "quick brothers", they are long enough to digest and assimilate, allowing you not to experience hunger. That's why oatmeal Breakfast is so beloved by fans of a healthy lifestyle.

Pasta can also be eaten. And don't be surprised. Just here there is a small caveat. They must be made from durum wheat. Therefore, carefully read the composition on the packaging before buying. These noodles, along with cereals, are sources of long-term carbohydrates, and contain fiber. The same can be said about Italian pasta. If we talk about the same fettuccine, in which, among other things, contain vitamins and useful minerals.


The cakes and pastries

Of course, pastry — not the most useful or necessary for body products. So try to keep their use to a minimum. Ideally not more than once or twice a week. And again, do not forget that high-calorie foods are desirable to 16.00 hours.

A sweet story is the same as with flour products.


Those who are first beginning to get involved in calorie counting often refuse from the vegetable fats because of the very high calorie content. But do not forget that the assimilation of vitamins such as A, E or D is impossible without them. However, there are some nuances. If you are aiming to help the organism in the process of getting rid of extra "savings", use polyunsaturated oils. These include olive oil cold pressed, linseed oil, sesame etc.

In fats of animal origin contains cholesterol. But do not be afraid. It is an indispensable product used to "build" cells of our blood vessels. But education is not ignorant of "plaques" is due to its abundance and low mobility. So completely from animal fats, it is unreasonable to give up, just need to monitor their consumption and not to forget the need of physical activity.

Milk and milk products

Here you should not have too much difficulty. Of course cream is better to refuse, and to choose skimmed milk. The same applies to yogurt, kefir and cottage cheese. The lower the calorie the better. And be sure to look at the expiration date. All promise to "save" more than two weeks to buy undesirable. And in any case do not take anything, if the date of release has passed more than 2-3 days. As for cheese, it is very nutritious product. So from the same soft wheat should be abandoned. Try to choose unsalted or sheep cheese varieties with a fat content not exceeding 45%. To abandon the cheese is undesirable because they are a powerful source of calcium for the body.

Most people are too used to season food in different sauces. And well, if it's just ketchup and not mayonnaise. Naturally, this is not the best choice for diet. Try to eat tomato sauces or mustard without preservatives. Their counterparts on the basis of mayonnaise must be abandoned. If it is very difficult, they can be replaced with sauces based on yogurt (on the bottom of the article you will be able to find several low calorie recipes).



Another popular product, which is undesirable if you want to lose weight. And in this case it is not necessary to appeal to a slender Frenchman, I can not imagine a meal without a glass of wine. Because in the former Soviet Union rarely limited to the most notorious one glass. Plus any "libations" not only violates peristalsis and wash out vitamins and minerals, but are accompanied by abundant feasts, or the consumption of snacks and chips.

Menu for the week

As already stated above, proper nutrition for weight loss there is no strict diet or menu. You may elect to replace the products more favorite available or needed by the body. But in any case try to eat more high-calorie and rich in carbohydrates food during the first three meals, leaving the protein and more "easy" part of the evening.

BreakfastSecond BreakfastLunchAfternoon teaDinner
1 daywhole rolled oats with nuts and dried fruit, dressed with yoghurtstuffed with meat eggplant under cheese hatGreek soup with tomatoes and lentils (recipe below)cottage cheese casseroleseafood cocktail (recipe below)
2nd daybrown rice with a salad of raw vegetables dressed with lemon juice, olive oil and mustardbaked apples with walnuts, honey and cinnamonseafood soup with a couple slices of whole wheat breadboiled chicken with light sauce (recipe below) + tomato or cucumbercheese, herbed yogurt
3rd dayscrambled chicken eggs with greens, mushrooms and tomato + a glass of fresh juicegoulash with a side dish of unpolished riceUkrainian borschsalad of raw vegetablesslice baked in foil chicken with spicy sauce (recipe below)
4th daygreen tea with hot sandwich of whole wheat bread with ham and cheesechicken pastrami with salad of raw vegetablespickle in meat broth + a piece of lean meatRatatouillesteam chicken + small tomato + a glass of kefir
5th dayoatmeal with berries, cinnamon and honey + boiled eggsquid stewed with sweet peppers, tomatoes and onionssoup-puree of spinach with mushrooms in chicken broth + a piece of whole grain breadsalad from fresh cabbage with tomatoes and cucumberssalmon steak with leaf salad
6th dayvinaigrette, olive oil with a slice of whole wheat breadveal steak + greens + two tomatoearsteamed meatballs with any raw vegetables on the sideGreek salad
7th daycottage cheese casserole with raisins + a glass of fresh juicebaked in foil sea fish with a side dish of pasta durummushroom soup + toasted rye breadgrilled vegetables with spicy sauce (recipe below)an egg white omelette with herbs