Menu protein diet for every day — feed table for a week

Despite the complexity of the first phase of the Dukan diet, it's pretty harmless methodology effective weight loss because it does not completely eliminate all carbohydrates, and even salt. The result from the diet comes without much loss to health and appearance. But there are caveats, it is necessary to be surveyed, and the detection of the disease, consult a doctor.

The Dukan Diet

Unlike many diets, this power scheme is fairly long and can last about a year based on the number of lost kilograms. We can say that this is not just a diet, but the principle of supply for long time, and even for a lifetime, as the last phase has in mind proper nutrition and not hard limits.

The essence of the diet

Diet, which was developed by Dr. Pierre Dukan, basically implies protein diet, while carbohydrates and fats are permitted in certain phases. The doctor developed a methodology, divided into four major phases of the supply. Each of them contains specific foods and menus.

The first phase is the hardest and threatens to wreck, but it lasts only a week, during this period lost considerable amount of weight, but mostly is water.

Is normal water-salt balance and excretion of fluid is not due to the exclusion of salt, and with the exception of the carbs in the first week, which is also capable to hold the excess fluid.

The second phase is much easier because there is more energy source which are carbs.

By the beginning of the third phase, the weight comes in the necessary form, which will need to hold for the long term with all the diet.

After the fourth phase, the weight stays in place and the extra pounds will not be returned, of course, with proper nutrition.

Basic rules

Permitted foods

For phase 1 the "Attack" allowed the following products:

  • lean meat (chicken, beef, rabbit, quail, veal, Turkey), but in limited quantities can pork and lamb;
  • low fat dairy products: yogurt, cheese, milk, yoghurt;
  • seafood: fish, squid, mussels, octopus, shrimp, oysters, caviar;
  • eggs, but no more than 2 yolks, not whites in limited quantities;
  • chicken and beef liver;
  • salt, spices, mustard, lemon juice;
  • 1.5 art. L. bran from the wheat;
  • in rare cases, 1 tsp. cocoa 14%.

For "Alternating", in addition to all permitted the following products:

  • any cabbage;
  • beets;
  • zucchini;
  • carrots;
  • cucumbers;
  • tomatoes;
  • lettuce, greens.

Forbidden foods for 1 and 2 phases:

  • any fats, including any oil;
  • any cereals and vegetables containing starch;
  • pasta, bakery products;
  • potatoes;
  • fruit, confectionery and sugar;
  • beans;
  • avocado.

Allowed foods for the phase of "Consolidation":

  • 1 fruit except bananas, grapes, figs, cherries;
  • once a week you are allowed a serving of rice, pasta, buckwheat, potatoes.

It is prohibited to use:

  • oil;
  • sweets and sugar;
  • legumes.

Attention! The last stage – "Stabilization" allows all of your favorite foods and dishes, but in moderation. It is important not to overeat, the diet should be rich in fiber, protein. It is impossible to abuse fruit and sweets!

Permitted foods

The advantages of the diet:

  • the diet of the diet is quite diverse, does not eliminate essential nutrients, vitamins and minerals. Even at the first stage allowed wheat bran – source of fiber;
  • preference is given to products with high protein content and low percentage of fat. Thus, protein food is easily digested, and extra heavy calories from carbohydrates and fats do not interfere with the process of weight reduction. The main feature is that muscle mass is maintained. Moreover, proteins that contain amino acids, which keep your teeth, hair and nails in good condition. Protein nutrition is given little time, so no harm phase will bring. Many athletes adhere to this diet for months, and tests of liver and kidney show good results;
  • the last stage of the diet prohibits the consumption of favorite foods, and it helps the body to experience stress and nutrient deficiency, which impairs metabolism. After you quit the diet, the body, accustomed to the variety in the menu, will not store fats in the "depot";
  • allowed simple carbohydrates, namely fruits, cocoa. In the presence of such substances, sugars, hypoglycemia does not occur, the loss of strength that can occur in the complete rejection of sugar;
  • allowed all the vegetables, and at some stages even starchy, so a solid dietary fiber helps maintain normal bowel function.

Disadvantages of Dukan diet:

  • the diet eliminates any fat, oil, and fats contained in dairy products. For normal digestion, namely, to reduce the biliary sphincter and the output of bile, necessary fats. Therefore, in the early stages sometimes it is better to eat fatty meats (pork, lamb) and 1.5% fat milk;
  • according to the American experts in the fields of endocrinology, gastroenterology, psychology, cardiology, diet is harmful, particularly to the kidneys, due to the high protein content in the menu. Diet occupies the 34th place in the list of healthy diets of 39 submitted;
  • possible disruptions in diet, a deviation from the rigid rules in feeding, this lead to restrictions in your favorite carbs and fatty, fried foods;
  • when a large excess weight, the second phase of the diet takes a long time, until the desired shape. The next stage of "Consolidation" lasts ten times longer, here is the opportunity to surrender, and did not get the result to return to the initial weight;
  • the Dukan diet, like many others, is a contraindication to any chronic disease, to start the diet only with the permission of the doctor.

Stages of Dukan diet

Next, we will describe to you the peculiarities of nutrition at each phase, provide a menu for the week and show examples of recipes for protein dishes. All 4 stages will be: "Attack", "Alternation", "Consolidation" and "Stabilization". How long will it take the first 3 stages will depend on the weight you expect to lose on a diet. In the table below you can see how many days it should last, each based on the weight you plan to lose weight.

The number of pounds you want to lose 1. Attack 2. Striping 3. Consolidation
5 kg 2 days 15 days 50 days
10 kg 3 days 50 days 100 days
15 kg 4 days 85 days 150 days
20 kg 5 days 120 days 200 days
25 kg 7 days 155 days 250 days
30 kg 7 days 160 days 300 days
35 kg 9 days 190 days 400 days
40 kg 10 days 330 days 500 days
The advantages of the diet

The first phase is the Attack

This stage is quite complex, although the short-term. The difficulty is that we should immediately abandon all foods except protein. The saturation of such products is weak, so there is a constant feeling of hunger. From allowed foods – all kinds of lean meat, eggs, low-fat dairy products, even Tofu.

Food should be boiled or baked in the oven and cook for a couple, the grill and grill. Stage does not last more than a week, can be a bit less, if there is severe weakness or dizziness. Should drink plenty of liquids in between meals. From drinks allowed, only coffee (you can add low-fat milk), black and green tea without sugar.

Menu for the week: table

Days of the week Breakfast Lunch Afternoon tea Dinner
Monday Scrambled eggs of 2 eggs with herbs, tea Baked chicken roll A Cup of yogurt Boiled fish with lemon juice
Tuesday Cottage cheese with yogurt Fish cakes, steamed A glass of milk, 2 eggs Beef goulash
Environment Cottage cheese with bran, coffee Beef liver Yogurt 0% Seafood cocktail
Thursday The egg cooked without oil Liver cutlets, steamed Casserole with cottage cheese and eggs in the oven Roast pork
Friday The veal chop Soup with meat and egg Green tea with milk Squid with egg
Saturday Scrambled eggs with the addition of shrimp and mussels, tea Rabbit baked Chicken meatballs Boiled quail
Sunday Meat casserole Turkey steak with spices Eggs The chicken thighs. fry without adding oil

The second phase — Alternation

The second phase envisages the principle is similar to the alternation of protein and carbohydrate. At this stage you can choose the following power schemes:

  • 1 day protein and 1 day of proteins + vegetables allowed;
  • 2 days only proteins – 2 days of proteins + vegetables;
  • 3 day protein – 3 day combine protein and vegetables;
  • 4 days protein – 4 days: protein and vegetables;
  • a maximum of 5 days protein and 5 days: protein and vegetables.

The phase should last as long as on the scale or in the mirror you will see the desired result. The more weight, the more days will be protein and protein-carbohydrate alternation (4-5 days). If you don't suffer too much overweight, it is best to alternate the menu in 1-3 days.

Example menu with the alternation 1 1

Days of the week Breakfast Lunch Afternoon tea Dinner
Monday Scrambled eggs without butter, coffee Boiled eggs Milk 1% Cutlets of hake fillet
Tuesday Cabbage salad with lemon juice, oil, tea Steam meatballs chicken Fresh vegetables Boiled Turkey with spices, beets
Environment Cake of egg whites, bran, cottage cheese Seafood and 2 eggs Green tea Baked hake
Thursday Pie of cauliflower and zucchini Vegetable saute Vegetable soup Mussels, vegetables
Friday Seafood without butter, coffee Fish cakes on a few A cocktail of milk and cheese Tuna baked
Saturday Vegetable stew Turkey, lettuce, greens A glass of milk 1,5% Tuna salad, cabbage
Sunday Liver meatballs, tea Roast beef Cottage cheese casserole Cod liver oil
Cabbage rolls

Phase 3 — Consolidation

This stage provides more gentle conditions allowed one piece of fruit a day, but not with a high sugar content (not, for example, banana, grapes, figs, cherries). Allowed smooth introduction, once a week, rice, pasta, potatoes. Since the stage includes simple carbs, such a regime needs to be controlled, do not overeat fruit, and cereals.

Smooth addictive to these products to ensure weight stabilization, i.e., its content. The duration of the period is calculated as follows: number of lost kilograms multiplied by 10 days. According to Dr. Dukan, each lost pounds needs to gain a foothold in 10 days. And the more you lost, the longer you will need to stay in this phase.


Days of the week Breakfast Snack Lunch Dinner
Monday The curd, tea 1 Apple Chicken with vegetables Meat patties, cabbage salad
Tuesday Scrambled eggs with tomatoes A small orange Vegetable puree Fish and grilled vegetables
Environment Cheese salad, pepper, tomato Apricots Rice porridge The lamb steak
Thursday Beet caviar Any citrus Hake fillet, steamed Boiled beef with spices
Friday Pumpkin pancakes Pineapple Soup of fish, vegetables and potatoes Meatballs
Saturday Roll with liver and eggs 1 pear Duck, cooked in the oven, boiled beets Eggplant, peppers cooked on the grill
Sunday 2 boiled eggs Plum Pasta with vegetables Jellied beef tongue
Potatoes with meat

The fourth phase is the Stabilization

Start of long-awaited phase in which allowed all the products and meals. The main condition for the step is – food in small portions, not overeating. During this period, the weight must be controlled and held in place. To protect yourself from the appearance of excess weight connect exercise. Just in case, leave one protein day a week as a relief.

Menu for the week:

Days of the week Breakfast Lunch Afternoon tea Dinner
Monday Porridge of oatmeal with honey, tea or coffee Rice with vegetables Grapefruit, kefir or fermented baked milk Meat with vegetable salad dressed with oil
Tuesday Toast with cheese, coffee Boiled potatoes, any veggies Cottage cheese with raisins, yogurt Baked salmon, fresh vegetables
Environment Scrambled eggs with tomatoes, fried in sunflower oil Buckwheat with chicken cutlets Banana Meat, chicken broth with vegetables
Thursday Curd, dried fruits Meat soup with potatoes, peas Fresh orange juice Cod liver oil
Friday Oatmeal with raisins and butter Pasta with grated cheese Yogurt, fruit of your choice Baked potatoes with chicken meat
Saturday With cream cheese, coffee Pork cooked on the grill Kefir, 2 eggs Cutlets of fish, steamed
Sunday Crackers with hard cheese, tea Meat broth with potatoes and zazharkoy Berries, yogurt Grilled lamb steak

How to get out of the diet

Every diet will be in vain if after the exit to pounce on all foods, like flour and sweets. Negative consequences of such behavior – a set of dropped pounds instantly, and even more than it was originally. Ideal for the maintenance of the weight will be a constant method to execute the power phase "Stabilization".

The main thing you need to pay attention to:

Before and after diet
  • portions should be small, which remains after the weak feeling of hunger;
  • if you experience hunger, it is recommended to drink a glass of water to delay the next meal;
  • it is impossible to experience a strong feeling of hunger continuously, it is better to make a small snack so as not to impair the metabolism;
  • if you wish to eat the cake or cake, better do it before noon than in the evening;
  • exercise, then the calories will burn and not add to your weight;
  • go to bed, too, with a slight feeling of hunger, not give. You can satisfy your hunger with a glass of low-fat yogurt;
  • add less of the hot spices, they are playing the appetite, desire to eat will come sooner than is supposed;
  • give preference to cereals and vegetables with a high content of fiber, not starch;
  • fruits should contain less sugar;
  • get enough sleep, insufficient rest and recovery will lead to fatigue, it can slow down metabolism, and weight can be added even from that.

Results after the diet

Each phase of the diet gives a result different from the previous one. For example, at the stage of "Attack" you will lose weight rapidly, you can lose weight by 5-7 kg, but basically the water goes. In the second phase, when the body started the process of weight reduction, the volume starts to go over the expense of burning body fat. Here you need to consider the individual characteristics of the organism, and how you will lose weight depends on you. Phase "Alternation" will last as long as you need.