What you quickly lose weight

In this article we will understand the origin of excess weight and how to get rid of it without rigid diets quickly.

How to lose weight fast — nutrition


The principle of weight loss is simple – eat fewer calories than you spend, and then to ensure the viability of the organism uses its own resources. Along with the food we consume fats, proteins and carbohydrates. In the first place converted into energy of carbohydrates, and those that did not turn, stay on the waist and buttocks.

Carbohydrates are divided into fast and slow:

  • Slow — slowly absorbed, and their absorption, the body also spends energy. Contained in cereals, vegetables, fruits.
  • Fast is sweets, drinks and the most delicious and harmful. Absorbed quickly — eaten cake instantly turns into carbs, and if you don't have time to spend in the fat all in the same place.

Fats are partly used for energy and absorbed by the body. The excess is deposited in reserve. Protein cannot be stored in fat. Contains mostly foods of animal origin — meat, poultry, eggs, milk, cheese, etc. If an excess of carbohydrates and fats it is clear what it leads to, that the phenomenon of "excess protein" is unlikely because the full protein is rather lacking in the modern diet.

Water to lose weight fast

The required amount — 2-2,5 liters a day (about 40 g per 1 kg of body weight). It accelerates metabolism, cleanses the body and detoxifies. A glass of water after waking up helps to Wake up not only you but also the body and start metabolism. More information about how to drink water, read here.

Physical activity to lose weight fast

Any process the body spends energy on breathing, heartbeat, brain activity. Not used energy, as we have seen is the fat. Any physical activity will contribute to getting rid of excess weight.

It's not necessarily sports, although, in combination with it, you will get the best results. You can just add more exercise — walk instead of use transport, do not use the Elevator, and start cleaning once again at home and again go to sleep.

By the way, even standing, we spend more energy than when sitting or lying.

As a conclusion, draw up a plan for quick weight loss

  • Fasting day — consumed during the day only water.
  • The following days start with a glass of water drinks per day 2-2,5 liters.
  • Drink before or after meals at least 30 minutes.
  • Exclude from the diet fast carbs.
  • Slow carbs consumed in the first half of the day.
  • Enrich the diet of protein foods.
  • Don't eat 4 hours before bedtime.
  • For dinner eat only protein foods.
  • Prolonged physical exertion.

Lose weight without dieting or means to lose weight quickly

Appeared extra pounds and you don't know how to remove them without resorting to any drastic change in diet? We will tell you how to lose weight fast without dieting at home. You see, you need iron willpower to a few days to sit on a hard diet, while constantly thinking about whether it will help or not. Yes, and a minute to spare for trips to the gym, not everyone there. Therefore, dietitians have developed an action plan that will help to reduce the waist in a few weeks. Of course, you will have to sweat, but if you want a slim body, try, because it depends only on your outer beauty.

Proper nutrition

Want a beautiful body? Eat right! This does not mean that you need to eat a restricted list of products, just need to eliminate all the harmful, such as fast foods and fatty foods (lard, fat milk, etc.). To avoid strict diets, don't neglect the following tips:

Vegetables and fruits
  • reduce the number of servings;
  • eat slowly, thoroughly chewing each piece;
  • make your diet of more cereals, vegetables, fruits and berries;
  • forget the pan, cook meals in a pot, the oven, the steam cooker;
  • ditch unhealthy habits (Smoking, alcohol).

Let's look at each item in detail. About why you need to reduce the number of portions will not speak, and everything is clear. The less food we take, the more lose pounds.

And immediately proceed to the second point. Don't forget the feeling of satiety after eating comes in half an hour, so the longer you eat a small portion, the faster you will feel full.

Go ahead. The richest source of fiber cereals. Using Breakfast cereal, you need to provide your body with all nutrients for the day, blunting the attacks of hunger. At lunch time be sure to add a platter of fresh vegetables and greens.

Fruits should be eaten separately from other food, to extend the time until the next meal.Heat treatment of foods also affects weight loss. Less product to prepare, the more it remains useful vitamins. We need to minimize fat intake, so simmer dishes in a pan, bake in the oven, use a steamer, but in any case, do not touch the pan for even cooking.

As for the pans need sunflower oil and excess calories, we now useless. These simple rules not only will help get rid of excess weight, but also to prevent earlier aging of the skin.

Baths for weight loss

Soda-salt baths are a great help in the fight against excess fat. They have a temporary effect and will benefit from in those moments when it is urgent to get rid of a couple of inches at the waist. Usually full course is 10-12 procedures, but what effect! You can lose 2 to 7 kg for half a month, at the same time, the skin becomes soft and smooth, and such baths are active in the fight against cellulite.

Massages and wraps

Massages and wraps

This is probably the most enjoyable way to lose weight. Do not have to visit the salons and give them a fortune, all you can do at home, the main thing is to find an assistant. To massage easily. Gently massage problem areas of the body, each time pressing on these places a little bit stronger. Blood circulation in these spots will improve with time, and you will feel an unearthly ease and comfort.

A bit more complicated things with wraps and it is not always possible to cope on their own. Ask someone close to help you, we are sure they will not refuse. Thus, we will need food film and gels for slimming, you can find them in any specialized shop, only the issue price.

Remember, not everywhere is the rule "the more expensive the product, the better it is". Therefore, we must start with the most simple. Smear areas with fatty deposits cream, wrap with cling film, lay under a blanket and rest for about 40 minutes. Wash the remedy from the skin with warm water, apply lotion or nourishing cream. Such procedures should be carried out every day in order to achieve the desired result in a short period of time.

Clean the body of toxins

Before bring the beauty of outside, you need to cleanse the body of toxins, as they significantly slow down the process of losing weight. The fastest way is the enema. It can be done by yourself, you need to take a 2 liter enema and a teaspoon of salt. Dilute Salt in a small amount of warm water, pour in cold water and fill the enema. The number of treatments depends on the characteristics of the organism.

Don't want to use this method? Well, use sorbents, but first consult your doctor and let him prescribe the dosage that will suit you. Sorbents is medication and self-medication can lead to disastrous consequences.

Long live physical activity!

Physical activity

Work out, physical exercise have a beneficial effect on the human body, leading to muscle tone and burning fat. Allocate 20 minutes a day for myself, not difficult, it would wish. Even ordinary exercises and Jogging in the morning, over time, will show all delights of life.

By the way, is especially popular with the hula Hoop. The Hoop is not expensive, but the effect is not long to wait. Twist it in the evenings while watching your favorite TV series luck.


We told you about the most effective methods, which are active in the fight against excess weight, now the choice is yours. Are you ready to become slim and beautiful? Then choose any option and go for it! Think only graceful figure, and you have it will eventually appear.