12 effective diets

World leaders at the "massive obesity" among adults: Mexico (32.8 per cent), USA (31.8 per cent), Syria (31,6%), Venezuela, Libya (30.8 per cent). Overweight indicates a violation of metabolism in the body and is exacerbated by the development of related diseases.

Today there are many diets aimed at rapid or gradual reduction of body weight. Among the variety of methods of weight loss to choose the most effective very difficult, since its effectiveness depends on the individual characteristics of the organism (volume of excess weight, health status, hormonal levels, metabolic rates).

Consider causes, consequences of obesity, 12 effective diets for health and a slim body, what changes occur in the body after weight loss.

Causes of obesity

The causes of obesity.

  1. The constant discrepancy between the amounts spent and received energy through the consumption of high-calorie food in large portions with a sedentary lifestyle.
  2. Genetic predisposition.
  3. Age, gender factors. Interestingly, faster gain weight women because of the hormonal characteristics of the organism and a smaller amount of muscle mass relative to body of men. In addition, with age, the metabolism slows down, decreasing the energy demand, which leads to gradual accumulation of adipose tissue and increase body mass.
  4. The primary pathology of the endocrine glands or violation of hypothalamic function.
  5. The development of the tumor.

Complications of obesity:

  • diseases of the digestive tract;
  • pancreatitis;
  • arterial hypertension;
  • gallbladder disease, the liver;
  • diabetes mellitus of the second type;
  • coronary heart disease, stroke;
  • amenorrhea, infertility, menstrual irregularities in women, impotence in men;
  • diseases of the respiratory, skeletal and muscular systems (hypoventilation syndrome, gout, osteoarthritis);
  • vascular disease of the lower extremities.

In addition to deteriorating health, obesity violates the psycho-emotional balance: increases the level of anxiety leads to frequent depressions, suppression of sexual function, brings difficulties in employment, lower self-esteem.

Regardless of the selected view, any diet entails the observance of water regime: the use of 1,5 – 3 liters of clean water per day. Thus, daily physical exercise speed up weight loss.


The best diet for weight loss.

  1. Japanese diet. A distinctive feature of this method is high speed weight loss: for 13-14 days you will become easier on 7 – 10 pounds. The effectiveness of the Japanese diet is achieved due to the complete restructuring of metabolism. In this case, the result lasts for at least two years. While respecting diet is forbidden to consume alcoholic beverages, sugar, salt, pastries, sweets. Japanese weight loss program is considered to be low in calories, it diet the emphasis is on products with a low content of carbohydrates, whereby to produce energy the body must burn stored fat. During the movement of the technique, the stomach is reduced in size, which facilitates the process of leaving her.
  2. The Dukan Diet. It is a protein nutrition program. The duration of the diet depends on the quantity of excess weight, and up to 3 to 4 months. Method Ducane is divided into four phases: "Attack", "Alternation", "Consolidation" and "Stabilization", each of which has its own diet, the duration of permitted and forbidden foods to eat. General requirements of the diet: to perform daily morning exercises, add to the cooking oat bran, walking on the street, at least half an hour. The Dukan diet does not limit the amount of "allowed" foods, eliminate the intake of chemical additives, drugs, and considered safe in execution.
  3. Buckwheat diet. Belongs to the category of hard mono-diet designed for rapid weight loss. The main ingredient of the technique is buckwheat, which is necessary to prepare a special technology. Cereals are forbidden to cook, fill it with boiling water and steep for eight hours. Thus, it is impossible to add seasonings and salt. After this time, buckwheat can be eaten in unlimited quantities. In the classic version of the diet lasts for a week (during this period, the weight loss is 4 – 5 pounds), if necessary, the period e-save can be increased to 14 days (minus 6 – 10 kg). When losing weight, except buckwheat allowed to drink a half liter of alkaline mineral water, green tea and a liter of yogurt with a fat content of 1 %. If a technique feels unwell, it is recommended to introduce in the daily diet of fruit (apples, oranges, grapefruit).
  4. Protein diet. The basic rule of the technique – 85 % of the menu losing weight should be protein: lean meat, fish, eggs, dairy products, seafood. This is a effective diet for 2 weeks, which will help during this period to get rid of 4 to 8 extra pounds. The principle protein of the day: eat small portions every three hours. You are allowed to enter in the daily diet of carbohydrate foods with a low glycemic index (40): soy, cucumber, nuts, mashed chickpeas, citrus. For quick weight loss and increasing muscle mass is recommended to perform strength exercises.
  5. Protein diet
  6. Diet Malysheva. The most important menu component is protein. Doctor of medical Sciences recommends that you get it with low-fat dairy products, meats, fish. The main condition – not to combine the intake of protein and carbohydrates at one time. At the same time to eat meat and grains is strictly prohibited, they are best combined with greens, vegetables individually. The duration of the diet malyshevoy – one month, then it all depends on the result. At the initial stage, the caloric value of food intake per day should be 1200 calories, gradually decrease this figure to 1000 kcal per day. In addition, Elena says about the importance of positive mood, it is necessary to eat in a good mood and a relaxed atmosphere, prepare yourself mentally that the food is a feast for every cell of the body. Before you swallow the food, Malysheva advised to produce eighteen chewing movements. This will reduce the load on the organs of digestion, prolong the health of your teeth. The technique allows to remove up to 25 pounds in 2 months.
  7. Diet Maggi. Is designed to remove from 10 to 20 pounds in four weeks. Maggie the method includes the following the most effective diet: cottage cheese and egg. What variant to prefer – it depends on personal preferences in food, health. Both options are effective. Diet Maggie is not a mono – diet, its diet includes vegetables, fruits, meat. Products are chosen so to enable the burning of the stored fat and toxins from the body.
  8. Energy diets. The modern way to lose weight fast with minimum efforts. A set of special cocktails that are designed to provide the human body the maximum amount of nutrients with minimum calories. Products diet contain vitamins, minerals, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, fiber. It is an effective diet for 4 – 6 months that will help postroynet 10 to 30 pounds in this period.
  9. Kremlin diet. The main principle of the methodology is to calculate daily intake of carbohydrates (with a maximum allowed to eat – 40 units daily), to exclude from menu, pastry, sweets, eat protein foods. During the first week of the observance of the Kremlin power system weight loss is 4 – 5 pounds 30 days 10 pounds, for two to three months – 20 kgs.
  10. Diet six petals. The essence of the method – the daily alternation of the following mono-diet: fish, vegetable, chicken, cereals, cheese and fruit. The constant change of the main product eliminates the tolerance component of the "stagnation" of weight. Action weight loss diet impressive: the average daily plumb varies from 0.5 to 0.8 kilograms per day. As a result, two weeks of compliance "6 petals" are able to lose up to 15 pounds.
  11. Diet for the lazy. In its classical form it is a mono-diet on the water, which does not require financial investment, time and energy to cook allowed food. The main rule of the methodology is to drink 250 milliliters of pure water before each meal. The amount of food eaten to reduce by half. Exclude from the menu of fast utilizable carbohydrates, foods high in fat, pickles, canned food, smoked products. The preferred method of cooking – baking, cooking. Depending on the purpose, for 14 days, the girls manage to get to 10 kilograms.
  12. Diet Testing. Is a low calorie program to reduce body weight. The average daily menu of the methodology provides the body with 1200 – 1500 kilo calories of energy. Diet is protein foods (boiled egg, milk products, lean meats), non-starchy vegetables and allowed fruits (orange, grapefruit, Apple). Conventionally, Protasov's diet is divided into three stages: vegetarian, with the addition of meat, which establishes. Duration methods 5 weeks. Over this period goes up to 10 kilograms overweight.
  13. Kefir diet
  14. Kefir diet. This is a severe method of weight loss that is popular nowadays. The following lightweight modification of the milk diet: kefir, cottage cheese, kefir-Apple, kefir-egg, kefir-buckwheat, striped. While maintaining the rigorous methodology of a single product is allowed to eat low fat yogurt or 1%. A day to drink a liter of fermented milk drink five receptions. Breaks to drink water, at least 1.5 litres a day. Three "counting" the day you will be lighter by 1.5 pounds in a week – 3 for 14 days to 8. To avoid increasing the secretion of gastric juice, the development of gastritis, acute ulcer practice strict sour-milk diet for more than two weeks is not recommended.

As you can see, there are many ways on how to lose weight effectively. To achieve the desired result requires unquestioning execution of conditions of diet, water and daily exercise. During weight loss, it is recommended to do swimming, yoga, gymnastics. Useful to do mesotherapy, body wraps, ultrasonic peeling, anti-cellulite, firming massage. These procedures will help to avoid sagging.

Unexpected effects of weight loss

Dropped 5-10 % of body weight if overweight reduce the risk of exacerbation of diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and improve overall health.

Consider the 14 changes that occur in a person's life after getting rid of unnecessary kilograms.

  1. A surge of energy. After weight loss you will be more mobile, to catch a moving bus or climb the stairs will become easier.
  2. The improvement of memory. Brain activity increases, the volume of memorized information will be more.
  3. Increase libido, you will feel sexier. In the course of research, American scientists came to the conclusion that the loss of 30 pounds one of the partners, improves relationships within the family.
  4. Reducing the threat of cancer risk. Excess weight causes inflammation in the body, changes in body cells. The weight loss at least 5 %, reduces the risk of cancer.
  5. Restore mental and emotional equilibrium.
  6. Changing taste buds.
  7. Strengthening bones, joints by reducing the load on them.
  8. The decrease in expenses for maintenance of health, an average of 42 %. This is due to the fact that obese people often have chronic illnesses that require constant treatment.
  9. Career growth. According to statistics, slim people 5 times easier to find new jobs and to increase income than full. This pattern is especially true for women.
  10. Yoga
  11. Reduce the need for medication. Weight loss reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood. As a result, the need for receiving funds from the high pressure will decrease. Maintaining a healthy weight reduces the development of heart disease, blood vessels, digestive tract, thyroid gland. Interestingly, after body weight reduction less worried about heartburn and asthma.
  12. Sagging of the skin. If during weight loss limited to only the diet, ignore exercise, massage, slimming result can be very frustrating. Sagging skin in problem areas (stomach, thighs, buttocks, arms) – nasty painful sight to every woman. To eliminate the need to use the procedures of braces or begin regular visits to the pool, masseur, beautician.
  13. Improve sleep. Dropping extra pounds "frees" to the upper respiratory tract of a person from the soft tissues, which they blocked. As a result, the sleep is getting better and 22 minutes longer.
  14. Increase chance to get pregnant. Remember, the fullness can cause polycystic ovaries and infertility. Data effective diet will help to deal with unwanted weight, to restore the functioning of internal organs, increase the likelihood of conception and carrying a healthy child.
  15. The improvement of vision. Do not forget that excess weight increases the risk of developing diabetes, which adversely affects the condition of the eye. According to research by the University of Georgia, completeness reduces the amount of lutein and zeaxanthin in the retina of the eye that causes age-related degenerative changes.

Weight loss has a positive effect on the human body: normalizes hormonal balance, increases immunity, increases efficiency and disappear erection problems, decreases stress on the joints/veins/blood vessels/heart. As a result, the life brings more joy.


Benefit slimming – beauty, confidence, increased life expectancy, healthy body, emotional stability.