The best diet

The best diet in front of you. This diet has the best reviews and results. It's a cyclical diet - three times in four days. The result is simply gorgeous - you will not have to starve painfully, but excess weight loss for sure.The last meal in this diet at least 4 hours before bedtime. This is very important!

The best diet

If you prefer a sedentary lifestyle, then you will find not only the best clinic of proctology, but the biggest weight. To cope with this nuisance, we must use all the strongest and most reliable means. Presented the best diet can be very useful. First of all, several rules of a healthy lifestyle.

  • The stomach must rest. Sleep also requires calories. Therefore, never overload the stomach at night.
  • Drink plenty of water - a prerequisite "the best diet".
  • Between meals should take 3 hours. The effectiveness of this strong diet is difficult to overestimate. Exactly adhere to the terms of this strong diet.

The essence of the rays diet

The essence of the proposed "best diet" is that it consists of several mono diets whose duration is 3 days. As you know, the mono diet is an effective tool in the fight against excess weight. However, the monotonous food is still harmful to the body long period of time. If the duration does not exceed 3 days, and one diet speed is replaced by another, the body is not experiencing an acute lack of vitamins, and no harm does not apply. Overweight on the contrary, takes a very much. Literally on the 3rd day you will be surprised by the ease of the whole body that you will gain.

It is also worth noting that the diet has good testimonials from women who've dropped the extra weight after the age of 40. As you know, at this age to lose weight is much more difficult in connection with the slow working of metabolism.

Diet quick

The first 3 day diet - used 1% yogurt, yogurt, can of green tea, water. But anything sweet and any food should be sugar-free. We decided to say goodbye to excess weight. Dairy diet for 3 days to restore the intestinal flora, stabilizes digestion and prepare your body to more serious loss of excess weight.

The second 3 day dietin a day diet of only apples, but any and in any quantity. This is a great mono diet of fruit to nourish you with vitamins and help you to say goodbye to the toxins.

Third 3 day diet- used only boiled chicken without salt and skins.So your body receives the needed protein. This protein mono-diet will soon lose in 3 days 3 kg.

Fourth day 3 - cheese white varieties, not many, 2-3 piece 3-4 times. With tea, it is lemon, but no sugar. No fucking way you can't eat a lot of cheese, 3-4 slices. Try to buy cheese with the least fat. If you are not sure you will be able to stop eating this delicacy, better replace cheese with yoghurt, kefir or milk.If still very hungry in between meals you can drink a glass of 1% kefir or mineral water.The chicken can be replaced by boiled beef or boiled fish. In General, any product can be replaced by similar, more importantly, to the food have less fat and sugar.It really is the most effective and best strong diet.