How to lose weight in hips and thighs: the most effective ways

Have you noticed that your favorite pants are too small in size? Stopped wearing shorts, short skirts, open and tight clothes since discovered that your hips are too large in volume and look received from orange peel and excess body fat?

Fortunately, to correct riding breeches can be yourself and without going to the gyms, beauty salons or plastic surgeons. However, it will have to make considerable efforts to follow the diet, regularly exercise and take time for massages and wraps.

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We will show you how to make at least big hips: you can choose those guidelines that are considered necessary. However, please note that you need to follow them daily. Do not kid themselves that "it will do", or that your body and appearance is secondary. Instead, decide to change and get better, be patient and control yourself. The article has collected the most effective methods. We'll show you how to reduce hips at home, consider the most rapid, economical and convenient way. Make these tips part of your lifestyle to look slim, sexy, attractive, confident and ultimately to Shine with happiness, health and harmony with yourself.

It is easy to lose weight in the hips?

No, not easily. Therefore, it is better not to call. Quickly do not work, so don't even hope. The solution is a holistic approach: nutrition, exercise, healthy habits, massage, body wrap. You must have quite strong and supported by motivation, exposure. Can not do without a certain amount of pedantry.

Where to start?

If you decide to lose weight in your hips, begin immediately. First, it is necessary to conduct an audit of the refrigerator and configured to change the habits and food culture. To allocate a minimum of 30 minutes a day for exercise, which is to be performed rapidly and intensively. The advantages of such trainings you will see immediately. Well, if you go to the gym or dancing. A few hours a week should be given to procedures to care for themselves at home, beauty salon or Spa.

Here are a few useful tips for every day:

  1. A diet (i.e. rational and necessary dietary restrictions). Losing weight and sustaining weight ladies it is desirable that their diet did not exceed 1200 calories a day.
  2. Do effective exercises for slimming thighs and legs, which we describe below and keep with them the result achieved through hard work.
  3. More walk on foot. Hours a day is enough. If in the street good weather, you will not only recharge your energy but a great mood.
  4. A daily charge, which consists of at least 5-7 exercises.
  5. Jump rope. Quality cardio will help to lose weight faster and will make your legs slim.
Fat burners

The key to a beautiful figure – eating right

Reduce the number of calories consumed. This can be done by inclusion in the diet of protein foods and replacing fast carbs slow. Avoid sugar, salt, store-bought sauces. Make power fractional and reduce the amount of servings. Try not to eat alone, not to overeat. Small portions beautifully decorated and wholesome food to satisfy your need for hunger to a greater extent.

Before eating and during the day drink cold water – so you can outsmart your stomach and will feel cheerful. The digestion of some foods (e.g., boiled broccoli) requires more calories than these foods contain. Eat more vegetables, make salads and cook for a couple. Desserts are recommended to be replaced with fruits and berries. They should have up to 18 hours. From bananas, grapes and cherries should be abandoned. Useful herbs – it makes meals tastier and contributes to the saturation.

These products should be abandoned

On the common question "how to lose weight in thighs" nutritionists respond that, first of all, you should avoid foods with a high glycemic index. These include:

  • fatty and high calorie foods;
  • grilled and smoked;
  • sweets;
  • flour (in t.. h. pasta, bread, cookies);
  • alcohol;
  • soda;
  • snacks like chips and crackers;
  • semi-finished products;
  • mayonnaise;
  • canned;
  • products made of flour and 1 St grade.

Use of these products is still small, and they are easily replaceable.

Necessary products in the diet

A balanced diet, which will make your legs slim, provides for the inclusion of the following products:

  • Oatmeal. Make Breakfast porridge with their habit. Cook it with water or skim milk, diluted with water, and add the chopped prunes. Porridge is rich in vitamins and fiber, it fills you with energy for a long time and reduces the cholesterol in the blood.
  • Apples. There are fruits necessary in the first half of the day or in the middle, but not at night. Apples are rich in fiber and able to relieve you from hunger. Try to eat an Apple 15 minutes before a main meal to avoid overeating.
  • Eggs. Eat them boiled for Breakfast instead of sandwiches.
  • Cheese. Low-fat cottage cheese can be eaten for dinner ... or any time. The product is rich in vitamin D and calcium, which are necessary for rapid weight loss to maintain bones and muscles.

Moreover, some foods are products for weight loss. Be sure to add them to your diet and don't worry about excess weight:

  • ginger to speed up your metabolism, ginger tea acts as an excellent means of preventing colds;
  • Exercises for the legs
  • cabbage – cleanses your body of toxins;
  • cucumbers are low calorie food and helps to eliminate excess fluid from the body;
  • cinnamon – lowers blood sugar level and will make the dish tastier;
  • grapefruit AIDS in the breakdown of fats that enter during the meal, excretes bile;
  • green tea speeds up metabolism.

The fruits also include: apples, pears, raspberries and oranges. Make your diet by combining products from both lists, and adding to it vegetables, cereals (buckwheat and rice), legumes (chickpeas and beans), low fat dairy (milk, kefir, yogurt) and meat products (chicken breast, beef, fish). Thus, you will get a different, healthy and dietary diet.

Exercises for slimming legs and thighs

Thus, on the common question about what to do to lose weight in stomach and thighs fast, there is a simple answer – regular exercise. What? There are several types, and you probably know.


The most appropriate and effective exercises you can do at home. Keep your feet off the floor and make sure that during both these exercises work your hips and body. To enhance the effect, you can squat with weights. Note squats "sumo" and exercise "a high chair" (back against the wall).


There are more than 7 variations of this exercise: lunges forward, side, jump, etc. Combine them and do turns as fast and slow.


Doing these exercises, you can increase the tempo, number of sets and range of motion. Mahi can be performed standing, on hands and knees from a squat position, posture of the dog (from yoga), or lying on the floor.


Dynamic exercises that are performed from the supine position cross, G. sh. several approaches such as the back, abdomen, right and left side. The housing may be lifted or pressed to the floor, thus further swinging the abdominal muscles.

Sunsets on the platform

Almost any elevation (chair, bench, step) can be used as a gymnastic platform, which is in gyms and fitness clubs. If the performance of these exercises seem too simple and you don't feel like swinging front, inner and rear thighs and buttocks, use the weights.

The above group of exercises, depending on how you perform them, will help in the study of the upper, inner and lower surface of thigh and gluteal muscles. To fulfill their needs at a rapid pace, if you want to lose weight, or slow when aiming to strengthen and develop these muscles.

If you go to the gym, pay attention to the exercise bike, treadmill, various simulators and walking simulators adapted for hyperextension. The latter is a universal principle and effective exercise to reduce thighs. In addition, you can develop a personal workout using exercises from ballet, gymnastics, Pilates, bodyflex, shaping and crossfit.

How to lose weight in the legs, not pumping up muscles? Alternate the above complexes with stretching exercises. Then your legs are guaranteed to look graceful and slender, not inflated.


Exercises for slimming thighs with the inner side


While standing, spread legs wide and stand in the following position: your socks should be deployed in the right and left sides, respectively, so that the pelvis opens up and stretched while performing this exercise. The hands use as a balancer, raising their swords in front of him. Bend your knees and squat so that the angle at the knees was 90 degrees, and the pelvis had failed. Perform the exercise 15-20 times at a slow pace. In the latter case, fix the pelvis in a deep plié at least 30 seconds.


Lie on your back and straighten up. Simultaneously lift body and legs 45 degrees. Help yourself up with your hands and keep them in front of him. Do dynamic movements with the legs criss-cross parallel to the floor for 30-50 times, and then repeat the same perpendicular to the floor. Feel how the muscles worked inner thigh? Then repeat the same procedure on the abdomen. Side perform the movement only parallel to the floor.

Mahi in the supine position

In the supine position with the hands dissolved in the parties, rapidly raise your leg 90 degrees. Perform the exercise 15-20 times with each leg on the back, stomach and side. Keep your legs outstretched, not moving the pelvis from side to side. Otherwise, pump up the breeches.

Raising the legs while lying on the floor

Lie on your back and straightened up like a string. Hands spread them apart or put them along the body. Raise the legs to 90 degrees. Breed them in hand on the string. Its amplitude depends on your stretch marks, however, you can gradually increase, pressing feet to the floor hands. Do the exercise for 10-15 times in a slow tempo and 20 – in dynamics.

Exercise ball

What you need to do that during the day is very limited in motion to also lose weight in the hips? This exercise of fitball, you can perform during the day, even sitting at your Desk. Sitting on a chair, your lap hold a small rubber ball and gradually compress it as much as possible. Repeat 30-50 times.

Best complexes for perfect legs and thighs

Squats with legs wide apart

In a standing position spread your legs wider than shoulder width. Raise your hands directly in front of you or move behind your head. Feet straight and parallel to each other. On the inhale bend your knees and squat, as you exhale – return to original position with straight knees. Keep your body and pelvis straight, without moving them. Perform one approach (15-20 times) at a moderate pace, and the second (15-20 times) – more dynamic.


Body against the wall, stand up straight, feet shoulder width apart. Take a half-step forward. Body leaning on the wall squat so that the angle in knees is 90 degrees. Climb to the starting position. Keep breathing and do the exercise at a slow pace. Start with 2 approaches 15-20 times.


Squats with a jump

Spread the legs shoulder-width apart, and your hands move behind your head. Perform the squat. From the squat position you jump up. Landed softly and repeat 15-20 times at your own pace. Don't forget about breathing, and when landing, don't jump on your heels. Let's see how landing after a difficult jump gymnasts – you should also be collected.

Sunsets on the platform

Grab a dumbbell, other weighting or put them on the waist. Step on the platform or another hill and stand on it with both feet, maintaining balance. Please return to the original position. Do 15-20 reps at a moderate pace on the right and then the left leg.


We talked about what you need to do to lose weight in the thighs; these tips helpful as a woman and a man. Summarize and recap in five theses:

  1. Stick to a balanced diet.
  2. Exercise regularly on their own or at the gym.
  3. Do not forget about healthy habits: for example, the walk and the stairs, drink water, spend time on procedures to care for themselves, take a contrast shower, do breathing exercises.
  4. Do massages and wraps.
  5. Remember about the benefits of water treatments and baths.

The fight against overweight, slender legs and the maintenance of vitality is a special art that demands your attention and a comprehensive approach. Be the sculptor of your body and stuff right now.