Running for weight loss: how and how much to run to lose weight

If you want to start running to lose weight, you must adhere to certain rules.

While running, the body spends a large amount of energy. With normal metabolism, burns calories, speeds up metabolism, improves the digestive system. In addition, strengthening the muscles of the body, oxygenate the circulatory system, reduces cholesterol level in blood, improves the function of the cardiovascular system.

For anybody not a secret that running is one of the easiest methods of losing weight. At the same time, I often hear from those who want to lose weight that they regularly run but not lose weight. The fact is that running for weight loss has many nuances that need to be considered to get the desired effect.

So, let's see how and how much to run to lose weight.


7 of the rules of running for weight loss

Run more 40 minutes

The first 40 minutes of running, the body operates on carbohydrates (glycogen is a complex carbohydrate, which accumulates in the liver cells and muscles). And then there is a transition to a stage of fat burning. It means to run to lose weight, you need at least 50 minutes at an average pace. This is probably the first thing you need to know on the topic. Therefore, if you are a beginner, 40 minutes from you are unlikely to win. To all newcomers, experts recommend to alternate slow running and fast walking.

For the prepared runner is the perfect method of weight loss will be a long cross duration at least one hour, with a monotonic speed on the pulse not above 150 BPM, which corresponds to the run with low intensity.

Eat right

I often hear the phrase: "You, the runners, though the whole cake eat after I workout will burn." Unfortunately, it is not. To reduce the unfortunate fat mass, you need to spend more energy than consumed. This means that any amount of physical activity benefits weight loss only in conjunction with proper nutrition.

Make sure to eat after a workout

Another misconception is if you hungry after a workout, you can burn more calories. If you want to use running for weight loss, not debilitate themselves by fasting. The word "diet" does not always mean starvation, sports diet is the right set of products, their combination and quantity, as well as avoiding harmful foods: junk food, soda, chips, mayonnaise, flour, sugar, fried foods, snacking on the go, and t.. d.. Include in your diet various cereals, fresh vegetables and fruits. Drink plenty of pure water, at least 2 liters a day.

Practice regularly

A light jog once a week would be nice, but part of losing weight is useless. To get rid of extra pounds, run at least three times a week. Ideally, go for Jogging daily. Winter, rain, wind, it is not a reason to cancel training. Now on the market of the sports goods have a huge amount of equipment that lets you train in any weather.

Alternate different types of workouts

Correct technique of running

Long cross, interval training with high intensity (advanced runners), the cross-country running, strength exercises of the basic complex of the AFP – there are many ways to add variety to your workout.

Have fun training

Only enjoying what you are doing, you can quickly achieve results. If each run for you – psychological and physical suffering, the body will begin to resist this stress, resulting in possible injury, depression and invincible laziness. To cope with this usually helps favorite music in the headphones and a bright fashionable outfit. From personal observation I can say that many girls sometimes go to the gym that is why to showcase a beautiful new outfit for running. What you do not motivation?

Be patient

Deciding to start running to lose weight, you must understand that without harm to health the process of getting rid of extra pounds takes at least three months. For each this period is individual and depends on many factors: the amount of extra pounds, speed metabolism, number of workouts per week, the absorption of nutrients in the body, metabolic disorders, willingness (or unwillingness) to follow a diet.

And here are some tips on how to run to lose weight and see the effect of training.

How to run to lose weight

  • The first 40 minutes, the body burns glycogen. Thus, the first 40-45 minutes of running will be a "warm-up" for those who want to lose weight and fat will start to burn in the next 10-20 minutes. To run you need 1 hour in a comfortable pace, not too fast and not slow.
  • Don't forget about recovery. It is impossible to make progress without rest, the muscles need to recover. A week should be at least one day of rest. Do not make more than two high intensity workouts per week. At least 50% of your workouts should be long (at least 60 minutes).
  • Run on rough terrain from 50 to 90 minutes. Such a run requires sufficient physical training. It combines uniform cross at a lower heart rate and interval stretches uphill with an increase in heart rate. Thus burns a lot of calories. This technique will give a more tangible result, weight can be more 30-40% than when running in the stadium. But not suitable for beginners.
  • Follow the breath, do not close your mouth while running as you do it while walking. Try to breathe through both mouth and nose as you'll be able for every breath to capture more oxygen, providing the muscles that will work longer without decay.
  • Follow the pulse. Aerobic physical exercise will be effective only if the pulse is within the target zone. To calculate, subtract 220 from your age. Heart rate during a workout should be no more than 80-90% of this value. Heart rate during a long cross should never exceed 170 beats/min. If you see on their sports watch, the pulse has climbed above 160, reduce speed.
  • Interval running for weight loss
  • Choose the right shoes. Runners overweight it is especially important to use shoes with heavy cushioning. It is very important for the integrity of the joints. If you are obese, do not even try to run like professional athletes, with the front part of the foot. Land on the middle part of the foot, and training choose a path in the Park and the stadium with a soft finish.

Contraindications to running for weight loss

Before to start running to lose weight, do not be lazy to visit a therapist to find out whether you have contraindications. People who are overweight generally contraindications are more common than others. No running people with heart disease, hypertension, bronchial asthma, peptic ulcer disease. You will need to temporarily stop training after abdominal surgery. It is not recommended to run a lot of people with a second or more degrees of varicose veins.