Balanced diet for weight loss

Currently, a balanced diet is considered the most harmless to human health. When excess weight arises, it is not necessary to drastically reduce the caloric content of the food received, adhere to a mono-diet or refuse the food entirely. All of these measures will negatively affect the state of the body, and with the desired thinness, you can catch a lot of serious illnesses. A balanced diet to lose weight means avoiding harmful and unhealthy foods, as they can lose weight without harming health. When playing active sports, you can increase your daily caloric intake, but don't forget that after lunch the food should not be heavy and easy to digest, but in the morning you can buy something more caloric.

balanced nutrition for weight loss

Following a balanced diet, fatty and high-calorie foods should be replaced with low-calorie natural foods, abandoning roasts and desserts completely. The diet should be less red meat and more vegetables, sea fish, low-fat dairy products. Fried dishes are replaced by boiled, boiled and grilled dishes.

The most important advantage of a balanced diet is that the body is clean and begins to work with renewed vigor. For those who want to lose weight very quickly, this diet is not suitable. The right balanced diet for weight loss has been thought of for a long time, not only to get rid of unnecessary pounds, but also to improve the whole body as a whole.

The effectiveness of the diet, its characteristics

how to lose weight with a balanced diet

A balanced diet for weight loss can positively affect metabolism, with its help the toxins and toxins are removed from the body. As a result, the food received will be digested much faster and will not have time to be deposited in the form of fat folds in the body. To do this, just give up the consumption of certain foods.

Fat appears when the menu contains sweets, flour dishes, semi-finished products. Just exclude consumption of white bread, rolls, chocolate bars, and the body will have to seek energy from its own fat stores, which will inevitably lead to weight loss.

A balanced diet for weight loss balances foods rich in protein and complex carbohydrates. Proteins are a type of building material for muscle tissue, and complex carbohydrates are suppliers of vitamins and other nutrients. Eat protein and complex carbohydrates, you can get rid of hunger for a long time, there will be no desire to eat something greasy and harmful.

Eat a balanced diet for at least three months. Ideally, a balanced diet should be the basis of your diet for life. This does not in any way mean that you cannot treat yourself to a cake or a slice of cake. Having reached the required weight, once a week, it is allowed to deviate from the diet and indulge in something forbidden. But, as the practice shows, after a while, you no longer want greasy and sweet.

The biggest benefit of a balanced diet is the undeniable health benefits. Following proper nutrition, not only does the figure change for the better. The condition of the skin improves, the hair becomes stronger and shiny, energy and vitality appear.

The downside of a diet is that you need to change your eating habits, spend your time looking for organic products and prepare healthy meals. But these disadvantages are so minimal that many people have long opted for a balanced diet and are happy to follow its principles.

The rules of a balanced diet

  1. The diet should not contain spicy, fried or fatty foods. However, it is impossible to completely abandon fats, they must be present in the diet, just know which ones are useful and which only harm your health and body. Any fast food, culinary dishes, sweet sodas and chips are also excluded.
  2. The menu is made according to the healthiness and naturalness of the products. They must supply the body with all the necessary substances, without overloading it.
  3. You need to eat often and gradually. It is unacceptable to eat food once a day, even if the meals are not high in calories and prepared with healthy foods. Snacks are also very harmful to the figure, so you should not allow that feeling of hunger to appear when you want to eat a pie or a hamburger.
  4. Calorie intake and expenditure must be balanced. By playing sports and moving around a lot, you can increase the calorie content of meals. If the lifestyle is more passive, the calorie content should be less.
  5. You need to eat in a calm environment, attuned to this process, carefully chewing each mouthful. You should not eat in a hurry, in a nervous environment and in a state of nervous stress and irritation - this type of food will not benefit you.
  6. Giving up sugar will help you get rid of those hateful extra pounds much faster. Store sweets can be substituted for seasonal fruits - they will be tasty and very healthy.

Weekly diet menu

what foods can and cannot be eaten on a balanced diet

The result depends on how correctly the balanced diet menu was designed. A well-balanced diet for a week involves the use of low-fat dairy products, sea fish, vegetables, fruits and various cereals. The choice is quite wide and each one can prepare for themselves the dishes that will satisfy their taste preferences. Between lunch and dinner, you can eat any fruit and, before going to bed, drink a glass of low fat kefir.


  • boiled egg, tea or coffee without sugar;
  • Cooked veal, plain yogurt;
  • chicken broth, vegetable salad, cottage cheese;
  • boiled or stewed fish, coleslaw, tea.


  • tuna with cucumber and boiled egg, plain yogurt;
  • vegetable soup, green salad with soft and lean cheese, kiwi;
  • beans, cooked in tomato sauce, cooked chicken breast, rye bread;


  • brown bread with soft cheese and tomato;
  • low-fat broth soup, croutons, fruit;
  • Vegetable salad with olive oil or flaxseed oil, broccoli or cauliflower, vegetable juice.


  • Buckwheat cooked with tomato, skimmed kefir;
  • vegetable stew with unpolished brown rice, berries or fruits;
  • fish, vegetables cooked in sour cream sauce.


  • fruit salad seasoned with low-fat natural yogurt, oatmeal with honey;
  • broth, chicken fillet with vegetables, tea;
  • fish with salad, tomato juice without salt.


  • Vegetable salad with cooked chicken meat, tea / coffee without sugar;
  • borscht, vinaigrette, low-fat apple;
  • Baked potato with peel, with curd sauce and herbs.


  • barley porridge, yogurt, apple;
  • meat cooked with vegetables, chicken stock, fruits;
  • vegetable stew (without the addition of potatoes), green salad with low-fat cheese.

Other more balanced diets

balanced nutrition options for weight loss

Actually, there are some balanced diets. They are not exactly like the usual diets, when it is necessary to count calories daily and follow a strict and specific menu.

  • Mediterranean diet.Many are fans of this diet, which can hardly be called a diet, it is so varied and useful. The selection of allowed products is very rich, you can invent new dishes every day. This effective balanced weight loss diet guarantees well-being, good mood and the pleasure of meals. The following products are welcome: definitely fish, fresh vegetables, fruits, olive oil, eggs, low-fat cheeses, natural yogurt, durum wheat pasta. Dry red wine is allowed, which with this diet is recommended to be drunk daily, but no more than a glass.
  • Finnish diet.It was invented in Finland, when in the cold people started to gain weight quickly. The heart of the Finnish diet is vegetarian soup. In addition, fish must be present in the diet: cod, herring, salmon, trout and shrimp or crayfish are also allowed. For those who cannot imagine life without meat, they are allowed to eat rabbit or veal. You can eat any cereal, as well as berries, vegetables, fruits.
  • Fitness diet.This low-calorie, well-balanced diet is perfect for those who enjoy an active lifestyle and regularly go to the gym. The diet will help to make the body more prominent, not to feel tired and hungry, to support the body during intense efforts. The products allowed by the fitness diet are proteins (eggs, cooked meats, fish, curd), vegetables cooked or in the form of salads with the addition of olive oil or natural yogurt, as well as whole grain bread and cereals.

Reviews and results

According to people who have tried balanced diets, they are only beneficial. No feeling of hunger, a varied menu, the ability to independently compose a daily diet - these are the advantages of a well-balanced diet that stand out. In addition, almost all people after the first month of a balanced diet noticed an improvement in well-being, decreased volume, the appearance of energy and the desire for active movement.

  • Revision # 1: "I love myself too much to sit and starve. So a healthy, balanced diet is definitely my choice. I managed to lose 2 kg in one week. I think I will continue to follow theright diet, I really enjoyed it. "
  • Revision # 2: "What kind of diet did I try. Yes, I lost weight if I did everything right. But my hair started falling out too, my nails broke and my face went gray. And when I switched to a normal diet, everythingkilos came back immediately. A balanced protein diet does not have such consequences, on the contrary. Eating well, I noticed that my appearance has improved a lot. ”
  • Review number 3: "I liked the simple, balanced diet. You can allow yourself a lot and at the same time lose weight. And the best part is that you just don't want harmful foods. At first I was skeptical about this diet. , after all we are already used to the fact that a diet is strict restriction and eternal hunger. But when I lost 6 kg in the summer, without realizing any inconvenience in the diet, I realized that a balanced diet is really something very useful and effective. all my friends. "