How to lose weight fast at home

To lose weight quickly without the help of a nutritionist and without getting tired with constant training in the corridors is the dream of those who have at least a few extra pounds. In addition, the fewer of them, the more you want to quickly reach the end goal. Losing weight quickly and easily at home is quite possible. But you still have to work on yourself. And also - constant monitoring to maintain the result obtained.

How fast

how and how quickly you can lose weight at home

Before choosing the methods, it would be good to decide what exactly "fast weight loss" means to you. This depends mainly on the starting weight. Therefore, for those whose weight exceeds 120 kg, losing 2-3 kg per week is a perfectly acceptable rate. In total, this will represent up to 10% of the initial weight per month, that is, it will not exceed the upper limit allowed for safe weight loss established by doctors.

With an initial weight of 70-80 kg, when the excess mass is about 10-20% of the norm, it will be possible to lose 5 kg quickly with great desire. The arrow on the scale can be moved across multiple divisions even in a week, but it will definitely not have any health benefits. In addition, the fat will not go away.

Express weight loss at home leads first to a loss of water (and often to dehydration), then the muscle mass disappears and, finally, all the fat. But it usually doesn't hit him.

Components for weight loss

There is only one way to lose weight quickly at home and not get hurt - a combination of all the components of a healthy lifestyle. And first you need to forget the word "fast" and let the body decide for itself how many kilos it is ready to get rid of during this period.

Many don't believe it at first, but a reasonable comprehensive approach to weight loss gives better results than rigid diets, pills and other self-cutting methods for those who lose weight. So, if you want to lose weight really fast at home and at the same time look better, and not worse than before, use all the tools available correctly.

Cleaning the body

Cleaning your entire body should always be the first step in losing weight. If you don't do this regularly (at least once a season), the amount of hard stools in the intestinal walls can reach several pounds. You can clean it with laxatives or special enemas. But it must be done correctly.

taking a laxative to cleanse your body while losing weight

It is best to take a laxative in the morning on an empty stomach. And drink with plenty of water. Most people prefer natural folk remedies: hawthorn bark, senna, but the magnesia powder also gives excellent results and is absolutely not harmful to health in reasonable doses.

It is better to stay home on cleaning day to avoid unpleasant surprises. The amount of clean water consumed per day should be increased to two and a half - three liters to avoid dehydration.

Colonotherapy gives good results - a profound cleansing of the intestine performed professionally. But there are several contraindications to this procedure. It is impossible to get carried away by it, as well as by enemas - the very frequent washing of the intestinal contents leads to dysbiosis and the interruption of the normal functioning of the organs of the gastrointestinal tract.

A milder cleaning option is to ingest activated charcoal or other adsorbent drugs on an empty stomach.

Adequate nutrition

Proper nutrition is the foundation of any weight loss. In addition, it is sufficient to follow simple rules on a regular basis, and the weight will begin to decrease continuously:

how to eat right to lose weight
  • completely abandoning alcoholic and carbonated beverages, canned and packaged juices;
  • removing sugar and sweets from the table, bakery products, minimizing the consumption of table salt;
  • replace all dairy products with similar ones with a low fat content;
  • remove the frying pan and buy a water bath, and if you want to fry - use the grill;
  • buy only dietary meats and replace them with fish or seafood once or twice a week;
  • make sure that the proportion of sugar-free fruits and starch-free vegetables in your diet is two-thirds or more;
  • snack only with seeds, nuts, dried fruit (no more than a handful) or a green apple;
  • switch to fractional meals - eat often, but gradually.

And the main secret is to control your own state. If you are going to the kitchen, think about whether hunger takes you there, or just the desire to “gnaw on something tasty”. If you are hungry, eat. In the second case, drink a glass of clean water. Therefore, in a week, it will easily increase to one or two pounds.

Physical Education

Oh, how overweight people don't like this part. The mere thought of the need for regular physical activity terrifies them and plunges them into deep depression. And completely in vain. You can be active at home without being noticed:

exercise for weight loss
  • do all your homework without using electrical equipment: vacuum cleaner, kitchen and washing machine;
  • stop using the elevator and walk at least 2-3 stops a day;
  • move cups, plates and other utensils to the top or bottom shelves;
  • learn static exercises (videos of them are easy to find on the Internet) and do them while watching TV;
  • find a companion for active games: tennis, badminton, football is a great form of training;
  • have sex more often - in just one hour you can burn as many calories as in half an hour on a treadmill.

And most importantly, don't treat this as a call. Notice how your body gets more pleasure from your movements every day. The muscles acquire elasticity and beautiful shapes, and you gain self-confidence.


Motivation should be placed first. "I want" is a very powerful incentive that forces you to do whatever is necessary to achieve your goal as quickly as possible.

But, unfortunately, many people completely ignore this important factor. And the result is that after a few days all interest in the process is lost, and the body simply does not have time to obtain its own fat stores.

The easiest way to avoid this is to work on your mental attitude. The following will help you do this:

how to motivate yourself to lose weight quickly
  1. Realize that the figure is far from perfect and it is time to change it. The fact that the main causes of obesity are stress, overeating and laziness itself. The fact that if you don't deal with the problem now, it will only get worse. And the fact that you have enough strength to become who you want to be.
  2. Consistency is the main requirement, without which it is simply stupid to expect success. Keep a diary for everything you do. Remember every day that you have taken one more step on the path and there is less to reach the finish line. Do not allow yourself to deviate from the rules you have defined. Summarize the week and compare the result with the previous one.
  3. Positive. Praise and reward yourself. For each new achievement. Find friends, go to the movies, watch comedies. This will allow you not to fall into depression due to the restrictions imposed, but at the same time it will speed up your metabolism and help you burn calories faster.
  4. New incentives. Buy a beautiful piece that fits perfectly if you lose a few extra pounds. Plan an interesting trip (better by the sea, so you can show off your new figure! ). Think about what else will change in your life when you reach your goal.
  5. Support for loved ones. Very important. Tell everyone that you are trying to change. And then your relatives will not offer different temptations in the form of cakes, a hearty dinner or a party with alcohol. Or at least they will correctly perceive your refusal.

If you put psychological comfort first during weight loss, you will simply be surprised at the speed and efficiency of the process. And all because a mild weight loss will occur as if on its own, completely without forcing you and without creating additional stress.

In short

the result of losing weight at home

In fact, losing weight quickly at home with the right approach is easy and anyone can do it. The main thing is not to impose too many strict restrictions and not to calculate meticulously how many grams you have lost in a week.

Allow yourself to enjoy the very process of changing your own body. Love him and he will repay you.

It is often asked how to lose weight quickly for a man at home: does he need intense training in order not to lose muscle mass? Not initially. Even if you want to have an Apollo figure, it doesn't make sense to build muscle under a thick layer of fat.

So the approach we described on how to lose weight quickly works very well for everyone. And after the body gets a little "dry" and gets slimmer, you can take the iron in your hands and forge the figure of your dreams.