Buckwheat diet for 3 and 7 days menu

Greetings to you, my loyal readers! I hope you are once again ready to spend time with benefit and to discover new beauty secrets. Today we are talking about food on the basis of buckwheat for weight loss with a reduced calorie.

buckwheat diet

Old, but not forgotten way to lose weight

Recently we had a discussion about protein diet for weight loss and right after that I got the question: "Can you eat buckwheat to lose weight and to get rid of cellulite?" According to the recommendations of nutritionists, this cereal is well suited for the relief of excess weight.

If you have forgotten, I will gladly remind you — we are looking for the most safe, reliable and effective ways to combat cellulite and excess weight. So, these two diets (protein and buckwheat) rid not aesthetic "orange peel" rather.

Buckwheat — a cereal that is made from steamed or not steamed buckwheat by removing the nucleus from fruit shells.

The word "buckwheat" is known to almost everyone of us since early childhood. At home and in the garden we were fed porridge from this cereal. We thought, mocking us. And it turns out it was only good.

I remember my mom told me when I turned away from a spoon full of buckwheat porridge: "come on, baby, eat the spoon. For me, for daddy. Will grow healthy and beautiful."

Now, years later, I thank my mother and all those who Willy nilly was involved in my diet for the child. Because buckwheat is a storehouse of vitamins, minerals and the priceless capacity to get rid of aesthetic defects on the hips, mind you — for little money.

So, let's understand the issue of proper nutrition on the basis of buckwheat in more detail, we need the result, isn't it? Want to wear open dresses, shorts, short dresses, skirts? Then I recommend you to learn the material in this article.

Remember, a cute girlfriend, I really want to help you practical tips, I share them on the pages of this website. Before something to tell you, I responsibly verify the information, consult with doctors, listening to feedback on these issues.

The reason for the appearance of cellulite

Every second woman wants to lose weight and to lose weight. The reason for this critical attitude is often the excessive weight, but rather the cellulite.

You've probably heard about nutrition and its effect on metabolism. If you eat indiscriminately, in any quantity, regardless of the time of day, the body fails and, in consequence, it violated the metabolic processes.

Fats cease to be broken down properly, worsening their assimilation, carbohydrates are not processed properly. Therefore, a set of extra pounds. Let's add a sedentary job, sedentary lifestyle, sedentary work, home relaxing on the sofa in front of the TV.

The result is unfortunate bumps discover not only obese ladies.

What can be done

buckwheat diet for weight loss

Starting with a revision of your daily menu, you will be one step closer to the cherished dream – resilient, smooth, smooth leather and famous areas of the body.

You know, my girl, you are the creators of perfect proportions, and therapeutic diet based on cereals will help you achieve amazing results.

The scheme of a diet based on buckwheat for weight loss

Buckwheat is one of the most effective means of combating cellulite and excess weight. With its help, go to 10 pounds and 5 inches in the hips + the composition of the essential vitamins and minerals be healthy hair, nails, skin.

Starting to follow the diet on the buckwheat should abandon:

  • Sugar
  • Salt
  • Different types of pickles, smoked meats
  • Any spices

Drinking regime is not limited. Permitted and recommended mineral, but still water. Plus the diet you need to add multivitamin preparations, anti-oxidants.

There are four subspecies of this diet:

  • The three-day
  • Week
  • Medical
  • Unloading

Let's order from them ... let us delve into the subtleties of each.

Weekly food diet for weight loss

During the week restrictions on intake of cereals no. Optimally use one Cup of buckwheat per day. This amount is enough to lose weight and to replenish spent energy.

Last time eat no later than 4 hours before bedtime! To get rid of a strong sense of hunger will help a glass of skim kefir.

Throughout the day drink:

  • Green tea
  • Low-fat yogurt, kefir
  • One Apple

Take a glass of purified and washed buckwheat, lay in a pan, pour hot, boiled water (two glasses). Eliminate sugar and salt! Then leave it to infuse overnight. The cooking process faster, if you wrap the pot in a light blanket. But even without the "coat" until the morning porridge will be soft and crumbly.

In the first days weight will plummet. This happens because of the body starts to go liquid, then the speed of the process will go a bit down. Depending on the initial weight per week go from 2 to 10 extra pounds.

Therapeutic diet

Those who find it difficult to eat only buckwheat for a whole week, it is recommended to loosen the strict requirements slowly go to the diet based on porridge.

Here buckwheat is bound to have 2 times a week, and besides it eat:

  • vegetables (cucumbers, spinach, broccoli, tomatoes, cauliflower);
  • boiled poultry (breast without skin);
  • boiled (stewed) lean fish;
  • use soy sauce (instead of salt);
  • cheese, cheese;
  • kefir, yogurt, unsweetened juices.

With a healthy diet, in addition, you strengthen blood vessels, nervous system, throw a week from one to three pounds.

It looks like the sample menu for the day:

menu buckwheat diet
  • Breakfast: buckwheat porridge (required) and optional 125 gr. cottage cheese, same amount of yogurt (low-fat) and 2 slices of cheese.
  • Lunch: a plate of green salad, 100 gr. heck.
  • Afternoon snack: one Apple and 125 gr. low-fat yogurt.
  • Dinner: buckwheat(optional) with vegetables, flavored with soy sauce.

This food is suitable for pregnant women. He even recommended by gynecologists. The ultimate goal: to reduce blood sugar, normalize digestion, to stop unwanted best weight. This food use 1-2 times a week. Before changing the power supply system, consult with a specialist. A diet based on cereals are contraindicated for diabetics, people with disorders of the cardiovascular system, gastrointestinal tract, renal failure.

On clinical nutrition based on cereals cellulite also shows up. It is also recommended for a period of weeks. Since it is not so hard, then, with good endurance, are allowed to use buckwheat diet cellulite from 10 days to two weeks.

Be careful about your health, do not overdo it. If necessary, after a month, repeat the course of therapeutic food again.

These cereals

Some find it difficult to radically change your diet. Then you will help fasting days with buckwheat. Because of this we normalize metabolism in the body, cleanse it of toxins and will not allow the fat to accumulate under the skin, thereby preventing cellulite.

The essence boils down to this — all day, only eat porridge made from buckwheat. To enhance the taste, you can add vegetable oil, onion, honey. Drinks: tea without sugar, compote of dry fruits.

Nutritionists allow you to add lean white fish or other seafood. They are low calorie and nutritious at the same time. Food of animal origin, in General, it is desirable to declare a boycott.

Three-day diet on buckwheat

Low-calorie diet for three days will help to freshen up before an important event. This power system you can check the reaction of the body. If you can easily carry your diet, you can increase the number of days.

The essence of the three-day diet is to eat oatmeal in the water. Restrictions on the amount eaten cereals and of fluids you drink no. To normalize digestion, you must drink at least 1, 5-2 liters of clean water per day. If you endure the diet hard, then add into the diet fat-free yogurt.

Diet for dried fruits and buckwheat

To diversify the diet will help dried. For example, dried apricots, prunes, raisins, dates. This diet will suit those with a sweet tooth.

Just add to each serving of porridge chopped dried fruit. First they should be carefully washed and steamed in boiling water for 5-7 minutes. So they become more soft and tasty.

Additional procedures

Personal advice from me to enhance the effect of diet on the buckwheat I recommend to combine a therapeutic diet with additional procedures, such as:

  • a trip to the sauna, steam room;
  • exercise, fitness, physical education;
  • wrap (e.g., mustard and clay body wrap);
  • massage.

A friend of my friend almost a year every Wednesday performs unloading buckwheat diet, visits to the sauna, is at the gym. As a result, it of postrhinal and prettier.

I think these newfound Hotties pond — pond, but they have not yet declared themselves. Maybe on this page, in the comments, soon we'll be together to read their praises in honor of buckwheat )

buckwheat and kefir for weight loss

Diet on buckwheat and kefir for weight loss

By the way, the diet on buckwheat and kefir is a popular option to combat cellulite and excess weight. In this case, raw buckwheat pour kefir and leave to swell.

Add to the dish a little unsalted boiled Turkey, thus you will help to preserve muscle mass while the fat will decrease. Buckwheat washed down with yogurt or poured and insist porridge.

Save the result

So your efforts were not in vain, it is important to learn how to get out of the diet. For this you need to gradually introduce in the diet of conventional foods.

In the first two days the menu is enriched with fresh vegetables with low starch, then add eggs, lean meat, poultry, mushrooms, fish. Starting from the seventh day, introduce vegetable oil and vegetables that contain starch. In the following days added to the diet by other cereals, flour products, legumes, rye bread. Last of all begin to eat honey, nuts, fruits, berries.

A gradual exit from the diet ensures lasting results and easier adaptation of the digestive system to another type of food.


On this note I will finish my mental monologue. I hope in a few days, you will let me know about your progress that cellulite leaving your body.

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