Diet Favorite, though strict: how to survive 6 days of fasting on different products

Why a diet is called favorite — wonder. It is hard to imagine that it someone can be crazy because it is extremely distressing and the feeling of hunger is always there. However, its great advantage, which covers all imperfections is the real effectiveness. Which consists of consequent mini-mono-diet for a duration of one day, it really helps to lose weight.

favorite diet

How is losing weight

Since the diet consists of two power — split and drinking, it works in two ways:

  1. Separate meals exclude from the diet fatty foods and carbohydrates. In the stomach do not mix products from different food categories, which improves its performance.
  2. Drinking fasting days are pulling fluid from the tissues and give a sense of lightness.

At first glance, the Union of two such effective systems within one's diet should give great results. However, it becomes a stumbling block in scientific circles. Many experts argue that this alternation can affect the stomach, to restore which then will be very difficult.

Description of the mono-diet days

For each day of the favorite diet there is a special list of foods allowed to eat. The table will tell you what can be eaten at various stages:

The daily portions are not provided, as is unlimited. But not worth a whole day to overeat the allowed foods. In the process of losing weight should always be a slight hunger.

The pros and cons

Before she sit down, consider all the pros and cons.


  • It is effective as it allows you to lose every day from 700 g to 1 kg weight;
  • no need to count calories;
  • allowed foods you can eat as much as you like;
  • no malaise, fatigue, lethargy, hunger, psychological discomfort (a very controversial statement);
  • the intensity weight loss;
  • you can select the minimum duration (6 days), and it is very long;
  • menu can be adjusted according to their taste preferences;
  • thanks drinking days, can be a good idea to clean the body;
  • among the advantages also called a balanced ration, but usually mono not differ in this characteristic.


  • Difficult tolerated;
  • causes serious intestinal disorders;
  • not always effective;
  • triggers jumps in blood pressure;
  • when you select long periods (more than 2 wheels) will be felt a shortage of minerals and vitamins.

It is not generally accepted postulates. Much depends on individual circumstances. For some, it will be effective, and someone will receive a reward only unpleasant consequences in the form of gastric distress.

Who it's bad

For diet favorite, there are special contraindications:

  • lactation;
  • pregnancy;
  • cardiovascular disease;
  • diabetes mellitus;
  • problems with the gastrointestinal tract;
  • kidney disease;
  • concurrent medication;
  • disorders in the endocrine system;
  • the rehabilitation period.

Not to be disappointed, if you have any health problems be sure to consult with the doctors. If in the process of weight loss began bouts of gastritis, dizziness, constipation, do not sacrifice yourself — pick something more gentle.

diet diet

Make a menu

The menu includes only allowed on every day products for a mono.

Classic menu for a week

Made for favorite detailed diet menu for 7 days will allow you to navigate with the selection of products and dishes. If the portion size in the table is not specified, then no restrictions, but still do not overeat.

The expected results, which may issue a 7-day favorite diet, minus 7 kg.

Hard menu for 2 weeks

Not everyone can withstand 6 days of mono-diet, so honor and praise to those who decided on the 14 days of this hunger strike. Menu for it needs to be more carefully planned, as it provides more products with vitamin composition to maintain strength.

7 and 14 days are called balanced. They are designed to ensure that the diet was smooth — this will ensure that the weight will not return. Eat small portions to not stretch the stomach. Dinner — 3 hours of sleep.

If you remove from this menu for 7 or 14 days, will be a favorite diet for 12 days, but it's hard to get out, not gaining weight again. It's a pretty tough option, but it can output up to 10 kg lost weight.

Looking for recipes

To the diet did not seem poor, it is not necessary to eat only raw vegetables or just fruit. Discover delicious recipes that will fit harmoniously into the diet.

Dietary cocktail

Drinking days of the diet favorite always seem to be the most boring and heavy. But who forbids to dilute this boredom with delicious cocktails? So, in them will be fruits and vegetables, but in liquid form, which allows the system weight loss. The only restriction is to please yourself no more than 250 ml per day.


  • 2 broccoli florets;
  • 2 slices of pineapple;
  • 2 florets cauliflower;
  • green iced tea — to the maximum level in the bowl of a blender.


  1. Cut the pineapple and cabbage.
  2. Combine all ingredients in a blender.
  3. Pour them tea.
  4. Mix for 30 seconds.

This green smoothie will fit perfectly and the vegetable of the day, if instead of pineapple, add a little celery or asparagus.


Judging by the reviews, it is very difficult tolerated the second day — vegetable. This happens most often because eating all foods raw and not bother on delicious that are worth spending my time not to be broken. This recipe will be very useful. It's dietary salad, because it is prepared without potatoes.


  • 3. beet pieces;
  • 2 PCs of carrots;
  • bulb;
  • 2 pieces of salted cucumbers;
  • a handful of sauerkraut;
  • a handful of fresh green peas;
  • a little vegetable oil;
  • 10 grams grainy mustard;
  • 10 ml Apple cider vinegar;
  • salt, sugar;
  • green onions.


  1. Beets, carrots, boil until tender, cool, clean.
  2. Grind the onions, sprinkle with vinegar, add sugar, salt. Stir, leave in the marinade.
  3. Beets cut into small cubes.
  4. In a bowl put the pickled onions and beets. Showering them with marinade and mix.
  5. Dice the carrots, and larger than the beets.
  6. Chop pickles.
  7. Rinse peas, add to the salad.
  8. Latest added pressed juice from sauerkraut.
  9. Prepare filling: mix the butter with mustard.
  10. All thoroughly mixed.
fruit salad

Diet fruit salad

Everyone is looking forward to a fruit day, but he does not bring relief, as the juicy pulp provokes the secretion of gastric juice and is of things. To cope with an insatiable hunger will help dietary fruit salads.


  • 1 grapefruit;
  • 2 green Apple;
  • 2 Mandarin;
  • 2 kiwi;
  • 1 pear;
  • a half of a lemon.


  1. Rinse the fruit.
  2. Peel, seeds, core.
  3. Cut into small cubes.
  4. Drizzle with juice of half a lemon.
  5. Mix well.
  6. To eat within 15 min, otherwise the salad will turn to mush.

Fish protein soup

Really rich in diet your favorite protein day. The body finally gets the meat, fish, seafood, dairy products. From all this diversity you can easily prepare meals.


  • 1 liter of water;
  • 300 gr fish, canned in its own juice;
  • bulb;
  • dill, pepper, salt;
  • Bay leaf.


  1. Chop the onion.
  2. Mash with a fork canned juice is not drained.
  3. Throw into boiling water, onion, pepper, Bay leaf.
  4. Lay the fish. Cook for 5 min.
  5. Salt.
  6. When serving sprinkle with dill.

If you have decided on a few laps of the diet, be sure to pick up various recipes for each day that the body was filled with all necessary.

Questions and answers

Diet favorite very popular as it promotes separation of power. And it is known to be very effective for weight loss. However, in the process of training and the hunger strike there are various issues, and a nutritionist on hand may not be. To solve some of them we have you covered.

  • Which is better: diet favorite or buckwheat?

Buckwheat should choose those who really loves this product and is not afraid of the monotony of the diet. On the effectiveness of both diets are about the same (the loss of 700 grams per day), are both perfectly clear the body of toxins, both strict and transferred hard. Still, buckwheat, as many believe, is more rigid, because the set of allowed products is minimal.

  • What diet is better: favorite or 6 petals?

The authorship of the favorite diet is unknown, but the system weight loss 6 petals has developed a well known nutritionist, so it feels professional approach. It is more carefully balanced. Scientifically supported by many nutritionists, can not be said about the beloved. Still alternate mono with unloading days on liquids may be dangerous to health.

  • What you can eat veggie day?
vegetable salad

Salads made of any vegetables and pulses, excluding corn and potatoes.

  • How much can you lose?

In 6 days you can lose up to 6 kg, but this is rare. Better to rely on 3-4 kg. If such a power supply system to paint for a month, the results will probably be great, but if you soak 5 wheels mentally and physically is the big question. The abundance of drinking days and the lack of carbs with fats will provoke emotional breakdowns and indigestion. Therefore, nutritionists do not recommend such a long period of time. Maximum option — 2 laps for 2 weeks.

  • That you can drink drinking day?

Compotes, jelly (not always recommended), juices without pulp, water, low fat yogurt and milk, herbal teas, plain coffee, black and green teas. Lunch — meat, fish, vegetable bouillon, but not too concentrated and non-greasy. If there is a risk of failure, you can indulge in a glass of smoothie or cocktail.

  • Returns whether weight?

Despite promises that the weight is not returned, most of the reviews suggest otherwise. The only thing that can slow down the process, right out of the system. But it works for a while. If the 8-th or 15-th day return to the usual diet of fatty and fried meals, weight-loss results will disappear very quickly.

  • How not to break?

In fact, in each mono diet is a loophole that can be used in moments of failure, when it seems that the forces to further weight loss anymore. Drinking day it's tasty cocktails. Vegetable 1 small potato in their skins, seasoned with fresh herbs, garlic and a few drops of olive oil. Fruit can vary favorite, though forbidden by the banana. Protein day just do chicken kebab on a dry pan with onion and from depression will not be over.

  • After some time, can you repeat it?

As recommended by professionals, if it was 1 or 2 laps, with — in six months. If there are more than a year. The best option is to consult with a nutritionist how often you can sit on your favorite diet. In the strength of individual indicators, the intervals can be significantly reduced.

  • How to eat after the diet?

If you liked the weight loss on a separate feed, can get acquainted with its principles closer to take them on Board and continue to turn into reality. This has a positive impact not only on your figure (then the lost weight will not come back), but also on the condition. And so within 1-2 weeks of the diet, should be sure to have hot soups for lunch, and fatty and fried foods to include in menu gradually and in small quantities.

  • Can I eat canned peas?

Undesirable — it is better to eat fresh. But if you really want, and quite a bit — nothing bad will happen.

Will favorite diet salvation in your case — depends on you. Will have to have patience, to tighten the belt and to follow the prescribed pattern. Feel that broken — look for tasty meals that will fit into the current mono-diet, please yourself with new recipes, find support in the face of the home. Only the desire to change will allow you to cope with this difficult technique.