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Peter Feiertag


  • In some cases, need a gluten-free diet. There are circumstances when a gluten-free diet is necessary for example for allergic reactions to wheat, in autism. But in recent years this diet became popular and those who want to lose weight and improve the body.
    8 October 2019
  • To stay in top shape always is very hard work that requires daily effort and time. Exercise for weight loss thighs is very simple to do at home and almost don't need to stick to a diet.
    30 September 2019
  • Lose weight without dieting is quite real. You only need to love yourself, take care of your body and health, to fully relax, move more and eat right.
    28 August 2019
  • Everyone knows that successful weight loss you need to spend more energy than you consume. A healthy diet should include enough proteins, fats and carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.
    25 July 2019
  • It is no secret that the way to a beautiful figure is not only through diet but also through exercise. This will help to get rid of extra pounds, increase skin elasticity and improve overall body tone.
    9 April 2019