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  • Today there is so much of variety of diets that it is very difficult to choose the one that fits best. Therefore it is better to find not just a diet, and the nutrition plan which will not only help to lose weight, and it becomes a habit.
    25 September 2019
  • Today, there are a whole slew of diets that offer to get rid of excess weight in just a few days. Particularly popular in recent gains, no-carbohydrate diet. For the human body carbohydrates are the universal source of energy.
    30 August 2019
  • An effective way to lose weight - the Mediterranean diet. Complete review diet, recipes and features.
    25 July 2019
  • Diet for pancreatitis the pancreas is a prerequisite for the treatment of the disease. The article will examine recipes and menus.
    29 June 2019